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E-liquids that meet new FDA Regulations tested for safety


Trustworthy Ratings & Reviews on the Top Selling E-Vapor Brands 


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Green Smoke Review

Here are the Top Ten Highest Rated E-Cigarettes 

All Companies Ship Internationally

Halo Site Halo Review Eversmoke Site Eversmoke Review V2 Cigs Site V2 Cigs Review Green Smoke Site Green Smoke Review

RatingNameStarting PriceBest FeaturesRead the ReviewVisit Site
Vaporfi Review$29.98- Pro Kit
You can also
eGo & High power, vaporizers;
51 e-liquid flavors
you can customize
& blend.

directvapor review

$14.95 EVOD2 Starter KitHuge Selection on
popular brands;
Great prices

$16.25 Storm Vaporizer.
Now offers Kanger
Smok, & More!
Economical. Lifetime replacement

V2 Cigs Logo$39.95 Standard Kit. Many styles
of ecigs & vaporizers
#1 in America;
Great vapor;
many styles of
ecigs and ]
$49.99 Starter Kit
Includes all 4
Flavor Pods
No buttons or switches.
Natural Nicotine Salts
$44.99 G6
Starter Kit
Home of the
Triton Tank
E-Cigarettes & premium e-Liquids

$15.49 Kanger
Blister Starter
Wide selection of
brands -Kanger, Joytech,Innokin, and more
Apollo electronic cigarettes$49.95 for regular
ecigarette kit.
$19.99 for
Oracle X kit
Wide selection of
Starter kits.
Kanger, Aspire
and more.
$14.00 Express Kit.
Many vaporizers
Zippered Case;
Great selection of
Clearomizer tanks
Starter Kit
One of best known
Social charge
pack available

New to Vaping? Check out our E-Cigarette 101 Guide 

and our ever-evolving

Glossary of Vaping

E-liquids that meet new FDA Regulations tested for safety

How Do We Rate Electronic Cigarette Company Products?

  • We Test Everything from battery life to vapor production. We also rate whether a company’s website is easy to navigate and if they provide detailed product information including ingredients and product safety. We are constantly updating our information.
  • We Ask Questions about product reliability and customer satisfaction. As a reviewer of e-cigarettes we also have access to customer returns statistics. 
  • We Check the Better Business Bureau Ratings and we do it regularly, checking the number of complaints and whether those complaints were resolved. 
  • We Read Customer Reviews including those submitted to popular e-cigarette forums and we take note of what vapers are talking about.  


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Disclaimer: E-cigarettes do not guarantee that you will quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes are for adults over 18 looking for a cleaner, safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Pregnant women and people suffering from serious heart conditions and other diseases should consulting their physicians prior to using e-cigs. Nicotine is an addictive drug.. Selling and advertising electronic cigarettes to minors is prohibited. We may receive a commission for purchases made through  advertisements placed on this website.

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Cb Miles

Cb Miles, associate editor for has been a spokesperson for the vaping industry since 2009, writing helpful articles across three websites that inform and support vapers worldwide. As a architectural designer by profession, Cb's mission is to promote healthy, happy environments. As a architectural designer by profession, Cb's mission is to promote healthy, happy environments. Read more of his articles on ECigarette News and Cloud Nine Ecig & Health Reviews.

10 comments to Home

  • Sammy Candelaria

    Hi, I’m Samson.
    I have had VT for almost 2 months. I was smoking cinnamon for a long time and it burnt out my taste buds. I tried the shocking your taste buds. I cleaned out my e cig twice a day. I did everything. I’m going crazy over here. I bought a bunch of diff flavors. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the past 8 weeks. This kinda sucks I wish they could have had a warning label Talkin about VT or sumthin. I can taste my buds but than they go. When I brush my teeth everyday thts when I can taste nothin till the night when I go to bed. Than I don’t wanna go to bed because I can taste my juice. Does anybody have any advice that has had VT for a long time and how they cured it. Maybe I should smoke cigarettes for awhile to see if that’s works. I thought the e cig was a wonderful idea till this happened. Sumbody give me advice

  • Joan

    Hey just making sure your information is still relevant to 2016 before I make a purchase…let me know, thanks!

    • Hillary

      Hi Joan – The list of top sellers was updated a few months ago. Prices are of course subject to change without notice from the suppliers. I suggest using the “visit site” link to see the most up to date pricing as there are ongoing sales promotions. Happy Vaping!

  • Jenn

    Hillary, I’ve tried gs & v2 and they’re pretty good. all in all, nice review.

  • Hillary M.

    Hi BC -Thanks for the compliment! Following you on Twitter 🙂

  • Best Clearomizer

    Thanks for the chart, putting all of those e cig kits in one place makes them easy to compare!

  • I’m partial to V2 eCigs, but then again most people are…

  • บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Electronic Cigarette Ratings.

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