The Coolest New E-Cigarette T-Shirt Designs

Last updated on July 4th, 2015 at 07:38 pm

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Vape Mo Juice ecigarette T-Shirt from Vaper Design Studio

Vape Mo Juice e-cigarette T-Shirt from Vaper Design Studio

If you’re looking for uber cool Vaper T-Shirts, gifts and accessories check out Vaper Design Studio. 

I love all their designer ecig t-shirts in fact, I just bought the Vape Mo Juice t-shirt featured above. It’s very me, as I do have impeccable good taste in e-liquids.

Vaper Girl Hero Electric T-shirt for ecigarette loversVaper Guy Hero Electric Logo Vaper Design Studio tshirt
Vaper Girl Hero Electric T-shirt from Vaper Design StudioVaper Guy Hero Electric Logo Vaper Design Studio T-Shirt

I must admit that it was a difficult choice, as I am also indubitably a Vaper Guy. The Vaper Guy design also comes in black and white if you want to be more subdued, as does the Vaper Girl Hero shirts. The ecig actually reads, “saving the planet one ecig at a time”. It’s easily read on the shirt, on hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, ect…not so much in the images shown on this page.

iVape in the Fields TShirt from Vaper Design Studio iVape in the Grass T-shirt from Vaper Design Studio
iVape in the Fields T-Shirt for MeniVape in the Grass Capped Sleeve T-Shirt for Women

If you notice, they’ve even adapted our Best E-Cigarette Guide logo (with permission) for their Vape Green Collection.

Once you navigate to the shop, you’ll find many of the t-shirt designs are also on a wide range of accessories such as hoodies, hats, mugs, mobile phone cases, even pillows.

There’s a wide range of prices on merchandise but the designer t-shirts range from $19.99 for a sleeveless men’s tee, to $32 for a men’s v-neck but most are price in twenty dollar range.

Update! Vaper Design Studio just added some amusing new designs to their International Collection!

Jolly Good Vape Hooded Sweatshirt  from Vaper Design Studio

Lovely Jubbly

If you do get one, send us a photo and we’ll post it on our Facebook page!


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