Trustworthy Electronic Cigarette Ratings and Reviews by Best E-Cigarette Guide

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A Trustworthy Guide To the 10 Best Selling E-Cigarettes 

Check ListBest E-Cigarette Guide provides honest Ratings and the Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews.  How do our Ratings differ from our Reviews? 

Our Reviews will give you details on product features, customer service performance and company safety standards along with our reviewer’s personal opinion on all those specifics.

All Reviews can be viewed by clicking on the “Reviews” tab on our TopBar Menu.

Our Ratings offer a quick selection guide to the 10 best selling e-cigarette’s plus each product’s most popular features. 

RatingNameStarting PriceBest FeaturesRead the ReviewVisit Site
Vaporfi Review$29.98- Pro Kit
You can also
eGo & High power, vaporizers;
51 e-liquid flavors
you can customize
& blend.

directvapor review

$14.95 EVOD2 Starter KitHuge Selection on
popular brands;
Great prices

$16.25 Storm Vaporizer.
Now offers Kanger
Smok, & More!
Economical. Lifetime replacement

V2 Cigs Logo$39.95 Standard Kit. Many styles
of ecigs & vaporizers
#1 in America;
Great vapor;
many styles of
ecigs and ]
$49.99 Starter Kit
Includes all 4
Flavor Pods
No buttons or switches.
Natural Nicotine Salts
$44.99 G6
Starter Kit
Home of the
Triton Tank
E-Cigarettes & premium e-Liquids

$15.49 Kanger
Blister Starter
Wide selection of
brands -Kanger, Joytech,Innokin, and more
Apollo electronic cigarettes$49.95 for regular
ecigarette kit.
$19.99 for
Oracle X kit
Wide selection of
Starter kits.
Kanger, Aspire
and more.
$14.00 Express Kit.
Many vaporizers
Zippered Case;
Great selection of
Clearomizer tanks
Starter Kit
One of best known
Social charge
pack available

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Hillary, BECG's managing editor and contributing author has been an advocate for the vaping industry for over 10 years. After a long career writing and producing for national television networks, Hillary now focuses on helping smokers and former smokers better understand the many benefits of electronic cigarettes and the role they play in tobacco harm reduction, health and well-being. She is the editor for Cloud NineSavvy ExaminerBest E-Cigarette Guide and ECigarette News . Follow Best ECigarette Guide on Twitter

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