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Last updated on June 25th, 2015 at 11:47 am

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Apollo ecigarettes best ecigarette guide

Apollo Ecigarettes are gaining in popularity as more vapers explore the best selling eGo systems and eliquids on the ecig market. 

Apollo had been around since 2010 and their line of excellent electronic cigarettes have been consistently growing and improving. 

The California based company is best known for their quality hardware, but few know that their high tech R&D and manufacturing facilities are on site.

Apollo claims in-house manufacturing is the main reason why they beat the competition. They also pride themselves on superior products that are “cheaper” than other ecig companies.  At only $49.95 for a Superior eGo starter kit they do remain highly competitive for quality ecigarette products. Even their new lightweight Endeavor eGo kit with dual coil clearomizers and replaceable heads is a bargain at $67.29.

Apollo Endeavor Vaporizer eGo kit with eliquids best ecigarette guide

For this review, I went straight for their second generation line of ecigarettes having already tested their excellent standard ecig.

I tried out the Luminous battery paired with a popular favorite, the Kanger Protank2. It was a deal. What’s worth mentioning is that Apollo is a terrific source for Kanger tanks and Aspire Nautilus and they’re almost always on sale.

Apollo Luminous Ego battery best e-cigarette guide

Apollo Luminous battery colors

In comparing prices of their eGo Batteries, The Luminous was a mere $16.95 and it holds a charge for days depending on your vaping use. You get 800 – 1000 puffs on a single charge.

Here are the features:

– Spring loaded connection pin that allows the pin to spring back if the clearomizer is over—tightened)

– 510/eGo threading – compatible with most atomizers and clearomizers on the market

– 3 levels of safety – low battery, short circuit, and overcharge protection

– 3 color power indicator LED that changes colors based on how much charge the battery has left

– Powerful 900 mAh Capacity

– 3.3 – 4.2 Normal Working Volts

Apollo also carries a Luminous Twist battery that has variable voltage for those who want a stronger throat hit or prefer duel coil clearomizer tanks.

All Apollo batteries come in a rainbow of exciting colors. The only downside I experienced was that the color on my battery chipped off a bit after about a month’s use. Of course I do have a few sharp objects floating around in my handbag, so from now on I’ll use a case. Still I would have preferred a more “baked on” battery color.

Apollo’s E-Liquids- Yes and No

I’m an e-liquid maven and having tested so many I have to say it’s hit and miss with Apollo juices. Their blend of VG to PG is 50/50 (although their website lists 60/40 on some pages). I do know, unlike other e-liquid companies such as Mt. Baker Vapor or Virgin Vapor you cannot request a higher VG ratio at Apollo. Also on the downside, you have to steep their e-liquids for best flavor, and some flavors are not quite true to the name.

Here are my favorites:

Apollo eliquids

Apollo Gingerbread. This is a real treat. Close your eyes and you’re vaping gingerbread men! It’s not overly sweet and has just the right bite of ginger. It also has a nice aroma so your house can smell like Christmas all year ‘round.

Apollo Banana Cream – Lovely banana flavor and the cream makes it an ever smoother vape. Even better with a day’s steeping. It’s really enjoyable and after one hour it gets even smoother.

Worth a Mention…

Apollo Coffee – Not my favorite, in fact it was pretty awful. Of course taste is highly subjective, but I didn’t taste any coffee flavor, just unpleasantness. Maybe I had a bad batch.

Apollo’s RY4– This tobacco-flavored blend is very popular for vapers who like tobacco blends of e-liquid. It seems that every e-liquid company has it’s own RY4 recipe but Apollo chooses to go heavy on the caramel, so if that’s your preference, you’ll like it.


If you’re ready to move up to a nice little eGo system that’s compatible with many brands of clearomizers (tanks), you can’t go wrong with Apollo for quality hardware at a low price and decent ejuices that are made in-house.

You even get a free disposable ecig with your first kit order and shipping is free on orders over $30.

Best features:

  • Great prices
  • Reliable eGo batteries that are compatible with many clearomizer brands
  • In house production 
  • Rewards Program

Our Rating for Apollo 9.2



Apollo Endeavor Vaporizer eGo kit best ecigarette guide

Buy Apollo ECigs

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