NEwhere Great Tasting Disposable E-Cigarettes and Hookahs

Last updated on September 18th, 2017 at 01:31 pm

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NEwhere E-Hookah


New E-Cigarette company NEwhere (pronounced “Anywhere”) has hit the ecig market with three types of outstanding disposable e-cigarettes, eHookah and E-Cigarette.

Having tried several other disposable e-cigarette brands over the past few years I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of NEwhere’s products. This review focuses on their eHookahs and e-cigarettes.

What’s the Difference?

There isn’t much difference between the look of NEwhere’s eHookahs and E-Cigarettes. The eHookahs are a dark brushed metallic while the E-Cigarettes are a silver metallic. Both have thin, color bands around the base of the “filter” which designate the flavor. Both styles are extremely lightweight, as are all disposable e-cigarettes, because they don’t have a rechargeable battery. The main differences are the flavor choices offered and the nicotine levels.

NEwhere’s Disposable EHookahs Contain Zero Nicotine

If you’re looking to try out an e-cigarette without bringing another nicotine product into your home or you need a nicotine break from vaping or smoking, I recommend NEwhere’s eHookahs. 

Nicotine free, NEwhere’s eHookahs feel like a cigarette and smoke like a cigarette, but have none of the dangerous chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette. Vapor production is excellent and NEwhere’s eHookahs come in eight appealing flavors; however, unlike traditional rechargeable e-cigarettes, these eHookahs give you a very mild vape and have zero throat hit. 

Flavors are:

Sour Appletini –  sour apple flavor

BananaBerry –  banana/strawberry

Orange Cream – like a creamsicle

Chocolate Chill – chocolate and mint

SmoothBerry – raspberry/vanilla

Vanilla Thrilla –  subtle vanilla

Island Squeeze  – tropical pineapple/orange

Grape Gatsby – sweet grape flavor

I’ve tried a lot of traditional e-cigarette flavors and I have to say NEwhere’s flavors are really true to the flavor’s name. Very natural!  There’s no waxy room deodorizer aftertaste, just great flavored vapor. There’s certainly no harshness, as in so many disposable e-cigarettes. 

Many disposable e-cigarettes (especially those sold at convenience stores) can be dodgy as they burn out quickly, but I got at least 500 flavorful puffs from each of the eight NEwhere eHookahs I tested.

Cost of NEwhere eHookahs

A single pack of NEwhere’s eHookah costs $9.99, but you can save by buying them on-line in packs of 3, 6 or 12. 

NEwhere Disposable E-Cigarettes 


NEwhere’s disposable e-cigarettes are in a class of their own. Great for anyone who wants to try out an e-cigarette before investing in the cost of a traditional, rechargeable e-cigarette kit.

The Classic Tobacco and Refreshing Menthol e-cigarettes contain nicotine.

The Tobacco e-cigarette contains 2.2% nicotine and the Menthol e-cigarette contains 1.8% nicotine. There’s a definite throat hit on both these flavors. Both are very close to a real cigarette in flavor and that’s what really sets this brand above others in it’s class.

The fruity flavored e-cigarettes all contain 0.8% nicotine. They are:

Premium Peach, Grape Gusher, and Wild Watermelon.


NEwhere offers Free shipping, a 30 Day Guarantee, 1 Year Warranty and a Recycling Program on all their products. 

If you travel, disposable eHookahs and e-cigarettes make for good choice as they are easy to pack and easy to use since there’s no charger or e-liquid needed. 

I found little to criticize in reviewing these products. If I had to complain about anything it would be the lettering on the packaging which is so tiny you need a magnifying glass to see the flavor or the nicotine content. 

That said, I highly recommend NEwhere’s disposable eHookah’s and e-cigarettes whether you’re traveling or just looking to try out the vaping experience.


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    This is very nicely written. I’m very happy to read this. I will definitely try this flavors. Its a better option to use it, rather than using a regular e-cigs or ehookas.

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