Review of Henley EGo CE4 Kit 1 and E-Liquids

Last updated on September 27th, 2017 at 04:29 pm

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HenleyVape’s Great Variable Voltage EGo Battery with an Easy Fill ELiquid Tank




I was excited to try out HenleyVape after reading about their pioneering landmark vaping lounge in New York City which has become a haven for e-cigarette aficionados.

For this review I tested Henley’s EGo CE4Kit 1. This is a second generation e-cigarette meaning does not resemble a traditional cigarette. Like all EGo’s it still has the three basic components of an ecig – the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge, but the battery is much larger and does not need to be re-charged as frequently as a traditional e-cigarette.  Instead of a cartridge or Cartomiser, it has a separate atomizer and tank that can be filled with e-liquids.

The Kit includes: 

1 eGo battery – 510 threaded

2 CE4 clearomizers (also called CE4 Top Coils) – 1.6ml capacity

1 x USB charger

1 AC adaptor

1 free carry bag

Instructions on how to use

When I received my EGo CE4 Kit 1, I was immediately impressed with the classy, zippered kit case. It’s oval shaped, lightweight and has great compartments for carrying your EGo, tank and e-liquids. I even prefer it to Halo ECig’s padded case and it’s a huge cut above the cardboard e-cigarette kit cases.


Battery Choices

You can order your HenleyVape EGo CE4 1 battery with 650 mAh, 900 mAh or 1100 mAh voltage, or you can get a variable voltage battery that easily adjusts with a twist. The batteries come in Silver, Blue, Black and Red.

I tested a lovely deep red CE4 variable voltage battery and was not disappointed.

The variable voltage EGo battery has quite a few benefits!

Getting the Most Out of Your Variable Volt Battery

If you’re not familiar with variable voltage batteries, they allow you to easily increase the amount of energy going to the coil.

More energy translates into an increase in the flavor, vapor and throat hit.

Variable voltage batteries also let you purchase both low and high resistance atomizers. On non variable volt batteries, only a low resistance atomizer coil (one with lower ohms) will produce massive clouds of vapor.

The variable voltage battery lets you use both standard resistance and low resistance coils but it also allows you to adjust vapor production and taste.

The Henley’s battery I tested adjusts from 3.3 volts to 3.8 volts to 4.3 volts with a twist at the bottom of the battery.

That means you can turn up the voltage for more vapor and if it tastes a little burnt, you just lower the voltage so the flavor becomes more pleasant.

I suggest starting at the lowest voltage setting, take a puff, turn it up a little, take another puff, and continue until you find the setting that gives you both great vapor and throat hit.

The Henley EGo CE1 Tanks

The EGo CE1 tanks are convenient in that they do not have many parts. That means they’re easy to fill, you don’t have to take them apart to clean them when you change e-liquids, and you don’t have to follow a complicated diagram to reassemble it. If you don’t want to bother with cleaning, replacement CE Top Coil tanks are only $5.00. I also like the fact that the tank has a measuring guide.

The comfortable mouthpiece/tip screws on easily and snugly, so it’s leak and spill resistant.

The CE1 kit comes with two tanks which is great if you want to try two e-liquid flavors without having to rinse and refill your tank.

They’re a little tricky to fill since they’re narrow and you have to make sure your e-juice doesn’t get into the central atomizer hole. If you do, just blow into the atomizer hole to clear it before screwing on the battery.

Don’t like a narrow tank? Another great feature of the Henley CE4 is that the 510 threaded battery is compatible with higher end clearomizer tanks like the Kanger EVOD and the Mini Vivi Nova – both available on the Henley website for $7 and $10. Get them on sale during holiday specials.

I have to admit I had a tough time with one of this kit’s CE 4 Top Coils as it didn’t seem to heat up my e-liquid. I had to spend time priming it by unscrewing the tip, blowing into the atomizer and taking quite a few “priming” puffs to get the atomizer going. After some time doing this, it delivered great vapor. Henley customer service said that was unusual, so they sent me an immediate replacement tank which worked just fine.


Henley’s E-Liquid Flavors

Henley E-Cigarettes offers several lines of e-liquids but I tested three from their 15ml Vapes line. (They have 11 flavors in all and a new MAX VG line of e-liquids too!)

NY4, Psychotherapy and Gawn Bananas

NY4 – This is the only tobacco flavor Henley offers in the VAPES line of e-liquids. It’s a caramel tobacco flavor so it’s a bit sweet. I’m not a big fan of tobacco flavored e-juices because I want to get away from the whole tobacco experience, but it rates highly in other Henley reviews. I will say it did improve with age. Some vapejuices just need steeping.

Psychotherapy – This adventurous flavor is a combination of doughnut and cronut (whatever that is). It’s sweet like a doughnut but had a fragrant undertone (possibly the cronut)?

Gawn BananasThis was my favorite of the lot; nice and pleasantly sweet. Not at all harsh like some citrus based flavors. Neither is it overly banana-land which can be overwhelming if you want to vape it for a long time. I found that adding a few drops of Gawn Bananas to other tobacco flavored ejuice makes for a great vape.

I have to add that Henley E-Cigarettes’ website is quite impressive. They offer everything from Henley Disposables, to traditional Cig-Alike Rechargeables to Mechanical Mods, Clearomizers, Rebuildables and more. There’s even popular products from Kanger, Vivi Nova, Innovape and Smoktech so their site is definitely worth visiting.


  • A solid little EGO with lots of voltage options
  • The tank is compact with few parts to clean and has a measuring guide
  • Replacement tanks are reasonably priced
  • 510 threaded battery is compatible with most Clearomizers/Tanks


  • The kit’s Clearomizer may need some serious priming 
  • The narrow tank takes some skill to fill

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Henley CE4 1 EGo kit


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