Vapor Couture - E-Cigarettes Designed Exclusively for Women

Last updated on October 21st, 2017 at 11:10 am

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The most elegant e-cigarette you can buy



Vapor Couture Slim E-Cigarettes Designed for Women 

Before I started vaping, I was hooked on Capri cigarettes. Not that they tasted better than any other cigarette, it’s just that they were long and slim and I liked that. Virginia slims were out there, but who wants to smoke your mother’s cigarette?

When I finally started vaping, I looked for a quality, safety assured product that had style. I found Vapor Couture, (the sister company of V2). I knew V2 was #1, but I didn’t know it at the time the Vapor Couture line of e-cigarettes, was being sold worldwide even though it was in Beta testing. I ordered it and wasn’t disappointed!

If you’ve read our V2 Cigs review you know that they are known for their quality e-cigarettes, state-of-the-art ecig technology and safety standards. The Vapor Couture e-cigarette line mirrors all those positive features along with elegant designs and high-style accessories. You can even mix and match cartomizer and battery colors and patterns to match your wardrobe.

The batteries are really long, measuring 83mm in length and with a slim 8mm diameter. I like that the added length of these 3.7 voltage batteries keeps them charged longer than shorter batteries. You can get as much as 6 hours out of these pretty babies.

Vapor Couture’s new line of disposable e-cigarettes are just as elegant and a big plus if you travel, and unlike retail disposables they have awesome vapor production.

Pretty Patterns!

Vapor Couture__Signature_battery

VC’s batteries and cartridges are designed to be mixed,.. and they’re designed to go with today’s fashion color palates.

From pretty platinum to deep plum purple there’s a color to match your taste and wardrobe. The faceted crystal tips are cool too and they won’t fall off like so many pseudo glowing ash tips.

If you’re dressed for an evening out and plan to vape, VC makes an elegant statement. I now save my more “bulky” eGo ecigs for vaping at home.

Flavors not so Galore

Vapor Couture does come up a bit short on cartridge flavor selections, and I have to say I’m not a big fan of their silly flavor names either, but they were very good when I first tested them and their even better since the official VC launch this March. The two tobacco flavors are Bombshell and Rodeo Drive. They also have Fresh Mint (quite nice), Arctic Mint and two fruit flavors, Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champaign, which they claim come with a “hint of passion”. While they taste great; slightly fruity and not too sweet, I can’t go so far as to report being aroused. At least all cartridges are the more sanitary replaceable kind. I may be a bit of a DYI’er, but I’m not a big fan of cleaning an ego tank system. 


Vapor Couture Charging clutch


Vapor_Couture_Smartphone_ClutchVapor Couture revamped their accessory line (Nov. ’14) and I was truly impressed with the style and quality. There’s a nice little clutch fits in the palm of your hand. It comes in Deep Purple, Rose Gold and Brushed Platinum, so you can choose the shade that matches your battery or create your own signature look. The Vapor Couture Metal Carry Case holds 2 batteries and 2 flavor cartridges. There’s even a little mirror. Other fashion accessories a charging clutch (same size), a charm necklace that holds your e-cigarette (in sterling silver or not), and a very high-end genuine leather Smartphone Clutch. It holds a lot for a little bag; credit cards, phone and more……and you can use it with a small handle or a beautiful shoulder strap. 

All the girly stuff and bling aside, Vapor Couture gives you great vapor, great taste, long-lasting cartridges and batteries in the V2Cigs tradition. Just a note….as with all e-cigarette brands, don’t ever use chargers from other e-cig brands. Even V2 and VC don’t mix.

Best-E-Cigarette’s Rating  9.0

Vapor Couture Logo

Visit The Vapor Couture Website


Elegant styling. The slimmest e-cig on the market to date.

Stylish new accessories

Outstanding V2Cigs technology

Often has large discount sales


Limited Flavors

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes - designed exclusively for women

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5 comments to Vapor Couture | Slim E-Cigarettes Designed Exclusively for Women

  • Kaiah

    I just bought the $200 kit and then last week ordered some cartridge replacements. No email so I went to website and they closed down!! No email to me. Says I don’t have an account and I have no idea where my almost $80 order is. I am stuck with a $200 kit that is useless. I am so angry. They never even sent an email, just waited for me to wonder where my cartridge order was and then go to the site and find out.

    • Hillary


      I understand completely! I would call Vapor Couture’s sister company, V2 customer service at 877-378-2767 and ask to have your VC kit exchanged for an ExSeries (also a long, slim ecig). You can also order the same eliquid flavors offered by Vapor Couture. Good Luck!

    • Hillary


      Here’s an update…I spoke to the company owner and Vapor Couture will honor your purchase if you call their customer service directly. 877-37-VAPOR (82767)

  • Clare hardee

    Hello do these e cigarettes contain nicotine in menthol flavour because I want nicotine and methol
    Thank you

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