Vaporfi - Elegant, High Powered Vaporizers - 51 Flavors to Mix and Match

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Vaporfi E-Cigarettes and Custom Blends

VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes and Custom Blends

I was excited to try Vaporfi when it was a “new” company back in 2015. Word had it within sophisticated vaping circles that this was not just another e-cigarette company. they were offering 51 e-juice flavors that you could mix and match. This was unprecedented. It certainly turned this traditional vaper into a vaping connoisseur and a budding collector of e-liquids and vaporizers. 

Create Your Own Custom E-Liquid Recipe 

I discovered that there are subtle ways to change e-liquid flavor to your liking; and we all know vapers have their individual taste preferences. 

For example, I liked Vaporfi’s Peach flavored e-liquid, but my brother-in-law said it reminded him of musty old encyclopedias. Funny how certain memories affect the palate. He added a healthy dose of Vaporfi’s Top Shelf Bourbon and a drop of Fresh Mint and wound up with a Mint Julip e-cig he now enjoys in the family library.  

The Highest E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards

VaporZone flavoringsGetting back to my review of Vaporfi. Not only do they have a growing list of customizable flavors, their e-liquids are 100% pure and made in the U.S. Their formulas are FDA Registered and they’re even kosher, which means they contain no animal fats; just pure glycerine. 

Four High Tech Vaporizers

E-Juice is nothing without a quality vaporizer and Vaporfi seems to bring out a new model every few months. All of them have powerful long lasting batteries and LED displays that indicate battery charge. They range from beginner vaporizers which are easy to use, to more complicated ones that have many features such temperature control.

I tested one of the more powerful models – the Rebel. It’s almost twice the size of my hand; not very feminine, but at least it doesn’t look like a part from an automobile engine as do some of the “mod” batteries. The design and the LED charge display is elegant and smart. This is considered an intermediate level vaporizer which comes with a low ohm atomizer so it will give you a major throat hit that can be harsh. The Rebel battery is also compatible with other popular brands of 510/eGo style tanks.


Whatever kit you order, the packaging is beautiful. It even smells sanitary not like some other kits I tested that smelled like heavy chemicals. What I like about Vaporfi is that if you get a model that uses a wall charger, it shows the Vaporfi label so I won’t get it mixed up with other ecigs chargers that may have different amperage output levels. 

Intense Vapor and Flavor

Vapor production is tremendous with all their vaporizers. I must add that Vaporfi lets you add additional shots of your chosen e-liquid flavor (along with your nicotine strength preference). I ordered two shots of Clove so the taste was anything but subtle. I am; however, going to try some cheesecake e-liquid to smooth out the intensity. Since higher nicotine can drown out the flavor of some e-juices, the added shot of flavor is a good feature.

Vaporfi fancy latteEven if you’re not creative, there are ready-mixed combinations that are sure to please, such as Fancy Latté – a combination of Java Jolt, Very Vanilla and Hazelnut.

Of course, if you prefer another brand of e-liquid you can use it in your Vaporfi Clearomizer. Just make sure it’s not to citrus or too thick as certain flavors can crack or gunk up your tank.

It’s also best to keep spare cartomizers on hand as they have a relatively short shelf life. The biggest downside is that they don’t hold up well with cleanings.

Vaporfi also has a traditional e-cigarette called Vaporfi Express that uses a pre-filled Cartomizer and comes in 5 popular flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla and Tobacco.

Getting Started 

I recommend you order any of the refillable vaporizers and at least three flavored e-liquids. They come in 30ml jars, costing only $14.99, and each one lasts for as long as 2 cartons of regular cigarettes. At that rate you might as well order two extra Cartomizers from Vaporfi’s accessory page, so you can switch flavors without having to use up the existing liquid.  

Have Fun! I did!

Best E-Cigarette Guide’s Rating 


Vaporzone Vaporizers

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  • Major vapor volume
  • State-of-the Art, attractive styling
  • 51 Customizable E-Liquid Flavors
  • 100% Pure U.S. made e-liquids. 
  • Tanks are compatible with other 510 eGo Style Tank systems


  • Refillable Cartomizer needs to be replaced often.
  • Atomizer Heads/Wicks need replacing often and certainly with each new eliquid flavor used.
  • Vapor is powerful but the standard atomizer had a low ohm resistance and can be harsh. 
  • Some of Vaporfi’s flavors were either too sweet or just not to my liking
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