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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 01:16 pm

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Vaporfi apple bourbon e-liquid best e-cigarette guide

Vaporfi is now one of the hottest new e-cigarette companies; “new” only in name as they have changed their name from VaporZone. 

VaporZone first caught the attention of fans with their outrageous, controversial TV commercial that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. Soon after they became recognized as one of the best e-cigarette and vaporizer companies.

This review features the top sellers in Vaporfi’s great line of vaporizer accessories, specifically their Atomizers and Clearomizer Tanks. There’s no shortage on options and you can check out all of them on the Vaporfi website, but here are a few of my faves.

I own both a Vaporfi PRO-L, and a PRO-XL Vaporizer. Both give me incredible vapor and a smooth vape using Vaporfi’s top-end atomizers. 


All e-cigarette vaporizer tanks and Clearomizer’s contain atomizers that hold the heating coil, wick and mesh bridge. This little mechanism heats the e-liquid to vapor. Those sold on the Vaporfi website are priced well and the website makes it easy to choose the right atomizer for your tank. 

Different types of ecig atomizers-best e-cigarette guide

Vaporfi’s powerful Platinum Atomizer fits the PRO-L Clearomizer Tank as well as the Platinum Clearomizer Tank. It’s a single Bottom coil atomizer so your e-liquid lasts longer. It also produces great clouds of vapor and lasts between 3-5 weeks depending on your vaping use. 

The PRO-XL Atomizer is the next step up and is compatible with the Vaporfi PRO-XL Clearomizer Tanks. It’s a few dollars more, but it still gives you the advantage of a long lasting bottom coil and you’ll enjoy over-the-top vapor production. The Pro-XL knows how to handle even the most subtle e-liquids so you’ll always get maximum flavor.

Both of these single coil atomizers come in 3 ohm resistance sizes:




Choosing a lower resistance ohm size will typically give you a stronger throat hit. Make sure to balance your atomizer size with your nicotine level to optimize your vaping enjoyment.

Popular Vaporfi Tanks

Vaporfi clear and colorful cartomizer tanks

VaporFi Clear Clearomizer Tanks

I like Vaporfi’s CLEAR Clearomizer Tanks which come in many cool colors to match your battery and hold up to 2.5 ML of e-juice. I always get awesome vapor production even with the top coil atomizers that come with the tanks. Again, you get your choice of atomizer resistance in 1.8, 2.4, or 2.8ohm.

VaporFi cartomizer pro xl


For a sleeker vaporizer look, I like the PRO-L and PRO- XL Clearomizer Tanks that have the vertical e-liquid window. The PRO-L holds 1.5ML of e-liquid while the PRO-XL has an enormous 3.0 ML capacity tank. Both come with (my preference) bottom coil atomizers that give you a voluminous, smooth vape and are really easy to clean because you can take them apart. 

The Pro-L and Pro-XL are compatible with Vaporfi’s Pulse, Pro and Rebel batteries.

The only downside I’ve found with window vertical window view tanks is that it’s a bit harder to tell when your juice runs out. If you let your e-liquid deplete down to the bottom of the tank you’ll get a nasty burnt taste. It’s a signal that it’s time to top it up. Filling the tank is easy. Just remember that with a bottom coil tank you must turn the cartomizer upside-down before you unscrew the steel cap. You wouldn’t want your e-juice to spill out of the bottom!

Best Clearomizer tanks from Vaporfi

VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank

If you want to up the performance of your VaporFi battery, get the Clearomizer Platinum Tank with Air Flow Control which adjusts your draw. No question here about how much ejuice is left in your tank! It’s made of Glass too, which means it’s safe for citrus and other acidic flavors that may crack a polycarbonate tank.

Like the look of a sleek cig-alike with the option to add your own e-liquids?

Vaporfi mini clear cartomizer and battery

VaporFi Mini-Clear Clearomizer and Express-battery

Vaporfi’s Mini-Clear Clearomizer Tanks match perfectly with both sizes of their Express Batteries. The tanks also hold more e-juice than you’d get from a regular pre-filled cartridge.

Vaporfi’s extensive line of stylish vaporizers has something for everyone, from the easy to use Pro to the sophisticated Rebel. When it comes to e-cig accessories, Vaporfi will keep your ecig experience interesting and trouble-free.

VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes and Custom Blends

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