Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength For Your E-Cigarette

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What Nicotine Level is Right for You?

Electronic Cigarette cartridges and e-liquids come in many strengths of nicotine. When ordering your first ecig starter kit you’ll have the choice of choosing from zero nicotine to as high as an XXTRA strength level of 50 MG or 5% nicotine which is pretty darn strong. The little JUUL ecig has that much!  Vaporfi is one popular company on our best seller list that offers 3.6% nicotine.

But What Nicotine Level Will Satisfy Your Tobacco Cravings? 

Many new vapers think that the nicotine delivery in an electronic cigarette is the same as with a traditional tobacco cigarette, but surprise!… there’s a big difference.

Each puff on an e-cigarette introduces less nicotine to the bloodstream than smoking a tobacco cigarette.

The typical tobacco cigarette contains approximately 9 mg of nicotine, but the amount that is absorbed into the bloodstream actually measures about 1 mg. When an e-cigarette containing 9 mg/mL nicotine fluid (0.9% NBV or Nicotine By Volume) is inhaled, the actual delivery of nicotine is 54 percent lower than the amount delivered by the tobacco cigarette containing the same amount of nicotine.

So how do you choose the right nicotine level to give you the same nicotine effect (without the harmful tobacco smoke)?

Here’s Our E-Cigarette Nicotine Comparison Chart 

Your Current Smoking Style Suggested Ecig Nicotine Level
2 ½ packs or more per dayExtra strength (3.6%) (5%)
Between 2 and 2 ½ packs per day Full strength (2.4%)
Between 1 and 2 packs per dayFull to Med. strength (2.4%) - (1.8%)
Up to 1 pack per dayMed. to Light strength (1.8%) - (1.2%)
Less than 1 pack per dayLight to Ultra Light strength (1.2%) or (0.6%)
1 pack or less per week Ultra Light to No strength (0.6%) to Zero

The suggested nicotine levels shown above are just that – suggestions. 

Many vapers say that the higher the nicotine level, the greater the “throat hit”. That means higher levels of nicotine in your e-cigarette may feel too harsh for your particular taste. 

Like any new transition, vaping may take some trial and error, but hey, it’s also an adventure.

An important thing to remember is that in addition to all the ecig nicotine strength options out there, you can fine-tune your vaping experience with the thousands of e-liquid flavors, cartridge flavors and innovated e-cigarette styles from which to choose. The high watt vaporizers suggest you use a lower level of nicotine because you typically get fuller flavor and more control over your throat hit.

Check out our reviews and you’re sure to find the perfect smoking alternative to meet your needs.

Here Are Some of the Best E-Cig Flavor Cartridges and E-Liquids (in order of preference)

V2Cigs – You get e-cigarette cartridges and e-liquids that taste just as the flavor name indicates. V2, America’s #1 e-cigarette company is known for their strict safety standards and 100% pure e-liquids.

FireBrand – Over-the-top safety labs, completely automated with state of the art equipment. FireBrand sells some of the best tasting e-liquids available.

Mt. Baker Vapor – 100% pure, delicious tasting e-juice. Choose your nicotine strength as well as your flavor shots.

Halo Cigs – The company has always placed an emphasis on quality and high standards. Rigorously tested, there is no Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl present.

Virgin Vapor – All organic e-liquids with intense flavors. They even have an Absolute line that’s Alcohol Free. Truly Propylene Glycol Free is also available from Virgin Vapor. Of course, never any Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl present.

Vaporfi – E-Liquid purity, safety testing and 51 flavors that you can mix and match yourself.

Happy Vaping from Best E-Cigarette Guide

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