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Last updated on July 2nd, 2017 at 10:55 am

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Another Ecigarette Company That’s Ahead of New Regulations

One of the top concerns for anyone thinking about trying electronic cigarettes is e-cigarette safety. Everyone wants to know whether e-cigarettes are safe to use. Are there dangerous chemicals in e-cigarettes? Is this battery going to explode in my face?

While the e-cigarette industry remains unregulated, it’s reassuring when you find a company with products designed to meet the future requirements and scrutiny of federal agencies. Of course, it has been Green Smoke’s policy to avoid future scrutiny by the FDA by not offering any new products other than the original (and now outdated) “cigalike” they developed years ago.

Green Smoke, part of tobacco giant, Altria will never advertise that their ecigarettes are “safer” than tobacco cigarettes even though it’s now common knowledge. They do; however, ensure that their products are reliable and of good quality. 

What’s The Juice on E-Liquids?

Like most top ecig brands, Green Smoke’s e-liquids are tested for purity and nicotine consistency.  Test are conducted not by Green Smoke, but by an international independent laboratory ensuring that every ingredient that goes into a Green Smoke Cartomizer is safe and follows strict international standards. Each Cartomizer is tested for consistent smoke volume too. 

Green Smoke may test for consistency with the purity of their eliquids, but they don’t seem to care about the consistency of the taste. The flavors have changed over the years and they have not necessarily improved.

Cartomizers still come to you sealed, so they stay fresh although packaging may be a bit tougher to open than other ecig cartridges.

Green Smoke’s batteries are also tested for ideal airflow and battery stability safety standards.

Green Smoke uses lithium polymer batteries which are a bit more stable than lithium ion batteries used by other manufacturers. That said, you must still follow directions when charging your battery; you must use the charger provided in the kit, and you must never leave your ecigarette in a hot car during summer months. (Using a charger too “hot” for your ecig can destroy the battery or in rare cases, Exploding Batteries.)

My one safety pet peeve is that Green Smoke doesn’t have its logo on the wall charger, making it more difficult to find the correct charger if you have more than one type of ecigarette.  

If you want to purchase an easy to use, reliable ecig product, Green Smoke is a reasonable choice. Be aware that there are cartridge flavor restrictions if you live in California or Rhode Island.


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Gary D.

Gary D. has over 20 years of senior project management experience with Fortune 500 corporations. A vaper for over six years, he has always been asupporter of Tobacco Harm Reduction and the vaping industry, testing and reviewing new products since 2009. You can check out his many ecig reviews here at BECG and at ECigarette News and Cloud Nine Ecig & Health Reviews.

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