How to Stop Vaper’s Cough

Last updated on November 1st, 2017 at 02:55 pm

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How to Stop Vaper's Cough
Does Vaping Make You Cough

Vaper’s cough (not to be confused with Vaper’s Tongue), is a condition not uncommon for those new to e-cigarettes. Inhaling the vapor causes a nasty coughing fit. How can that be?

Isn’t vapor supposed to be more benign than toxic cigarette smoke?

The answer is “yes” – e-cigarette vapor is more benign than tobacco smoke because it does not contain carbon monoxide or other ingredients found in cigarettes known to be toxic to humans; but that doesn’t mean it won’t cause some vapers to cough!

So Why Am I Coughing?

The most common reasons for coughing when you vape are:

  • You’re sensitive to some of the ingredients in your e-liquid.
  • You’re affected by the unadulterated nicotine in e-cigarettes.
  • You’re inhaling too deeply, or too quickly. 

Take heart! Vaper’s cough can be controlled if you follow these methods:

First, try changing your method of inhalation. Rather than inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs, hold it in your mouth and savor the flavor for a second or two before inhaling it. This method, known as Mouth-to-Lung can be used for any type of electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer, although Vaporfi makes a vape pen called the Pro 3 that makes it easy and is known to control coughing.

If that doesn’t help, reduce the nicotine level of your e-liquid or cartridge.

Nicotine Strength can affect vaper's cough

 Is Your Nicotine Too Strong?

According to experts, tobacco smoke contains an anesthetic ingredient which stops smokers from coughing.

“Essentially, this is why you can breathe in tobacco smoke when you can’t breathe in bonfire smoke too well, when they are basically the same thing: burning plant matter…. Some of the 9,600 ingredients identified to date are in there to make the smoke smoother, less irritating, and to prevent coughing.”

ECigarette Politics 

The nicotine added to e-liquid formulas does not contain an anesthetic. What’s more, higher levels of nicotine in e-cigarettes will add to the harshness of your vape.

adjust your atomizer ohm resistance if you cough

If you are using a personal vaporizer, choose an atomizer with a higher Ohm resistance. Lower Ohm’s (below 2.0) mean a hotter, harsher vape.

Learn more about choosing the right ohm level for your vaporizer’s atomizer.

Absolute Virgin Vapor Organic E-Liquid is Max VG

Absolute Virgin Vapor Organic E-Liquid is Max VG

Choose an e-liquid with a lower percentage of propylene glycol (PG). Go for a max or 100% vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio. The popularity of max VG e-liquids is growing and the best ejuice companies offer this option. I’m sensitive to PG because it is a drying agent, so I buy e-liquids from Virgin Vapor, or Halo eliquids.

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Sometimes you just have to experiment with e-liquid flavors, as some may cause you to cough more frequently than others.

E-liquids that meet new FDA Regulations tested for safety

Whatever method you choose, the rewards of vaping over smoking are worth the effort.

Have you conquered Vaper’s Cough? Our readers want to know your methods of success so please share your experience by commenting below.



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Cb Miles

Cb is an architectural designer who's been vaping since 2009. He's a football (soccer) fanatic, loves graphic design, gaming, and gourmet cooking. Check out the Miles Design website! Read more of his articles on ECigarette News and Cloud Nine Ecig & Health Reviews.

16 comments to How to Stop Vaper’s Cough

  • Michael

    I’m new to vaping and I still smoke, but less. The mouth to lung technique didn’t work for me. I use both a Smok Vape Pen Plus and an ELeaf iCare Solo. I was coughing like crazy when vaping but never with cigs. However, I’ve found — in my case — a sure fire way to beat the vape cough. Take a big hit of air with the vape. Start your hit vape-free and as you breath in, hit the button but be sure to let go of it before you complete the inhale. It’s an air-vape-air technique. Then exhale briskly. However… I also had slight success with the tongue-to-roof-of-the-mouth technique mentioned. Combining my air-vape-air PLUS the contributor’s up-tongue technique can cycle a really big blast! But here’s something else along the lines of the mouth-to-lung vape. Try a mouth-to-nose-to-lung “French puff”. It’s a mellower vape lung hit but a real pleaser in terms of savoring your juice. Thank you to the other contributors.

  • Liam

    To stop cough place tip of tong to to roof of mouth.inhale as normal, worked for me. (Any ecig juice )

    • Rich

      Good grief…. it worked! THANK YOU!!

    • sncobb

      Ey the tongue trick worked. no cough. cheers liam 😀

    • Deborah Kearney

      Damn if it didn’t work!! Thank you thank you! After vaping for a couple of years, suddenly I just couldn’t vape. Actually went back to smoking (ugh! roll-your-own, too!) Been trying and trying to no avail. Tried the ‘tongue trick’ and am vaping easily – no discomfort. Problem was, vaping ruined me for smoking – just can’t enjoy smoking anymore, but still addicted to nicotine. Now maybe I can continue my downward movement – currently down to 3 mg and hoping to get to -0- by year end.

  • Susan

    I’m baffled. I’ve been vaping for 4 years, starting with a high level of nicotine, reducing the level to 11mg after the first year. I recently dropped it to 3mg and all was well through the first 30ml bottle when I developed a cough I can’t seem to shake. With all the suggestions I’ve read, nothing has worked. Curious why a flavor change would create a cough a month after the change was made? This was my only change, but the occurrence of the cough didn’t arise until long after the first bottle and month. Everything else has remained identical – same company, same ohm, etc.
    I understand it may be common with new vapers, but a 4 yr user…

    • Hillary

      Hi Susan,
      Sorry to learn of your problem. There’s always a possibility of an allergic reaction to a flavor ingredient. I know your coughing didn’t begin right away, but sometimes allergies take time to manifest, or it’s just seasonal. My husband can only eat certain foods in winter as he has an allergic reaction to the same food in Spring and Summer! If your cough persists; however, even going back to your “safer” flavors and nic level you’ll know it’s the new flavor. Good luck!

  • Denise Reid

    ok, i been a bad bad girl… i stoped smoking for 3 years with the vape, and loved it,,
    i recently moved to quebec, had some life trauma and picked up cmoking again, after all here its cheaper to smoke at 8 dollars a full carton of smokes,,, so after a month of smoking ciggarettes, i am annoyed with them, and am trying to start vaping again,
    now i have never had vapers cough, EXEPT now,,,,, i am going to assume its because i am now used to them damn smokes again,,,

    any suggestions i am on the nautilus 2

    • Cb Miles

      Hi Denise,
      Thanks for stopping by to comment. I think the vaping inhalation style can be different than smoking a cigarette. I’m assuming you’re still vaping the same ejuice and using the same nautilus as before. Try to take in less vapor and don’t inhale the vapor directly into your lungs…hold it in you mouth for a second. Many have found that adjusting the inhalation is the key to conquering vaper’s cough. Good luck!

  • Pam Villwock

    I have same issue that Paul does. I have vaped for the last 1 1/2 years with no problem, then about 5 weeks ago I started coughing every time I vaped. Nothing has changed, same juice, same pg/vg, & same nicotine level. I have been smoking a regular cig about 2 or 3 times a week, and I don’t cough after the cig. When to doctor who said my lungs sounded great, and looked at my throat and said it looked ok too, probably something with juice, etc. I told her I was using the same stuff that I was using before the cough started. She just said maybe I should try a different brand, which I did and still have the problem !

  • Paul

    I successfully vaped for four months without coughing then over night I would cough severely whenever I tried to vape….even a year later I couldn’t even take in a small amount without the dreaded choking cough….any ideas?

    • Cb Miles

      Hi Paul,
      I’m sorry you are having so much trouble with vaper’s cough. Did you try to lower the nicotine and PG content? That can help. Using a tank with airflow control; setting it on a higher setting may be the answer. It may be your ejuice or your vaporizer is just too powerful. If you don’t need huge clouds, I do know people who conquered the vaper’s cough syndrome with ecigs like Vaporfi‘s Express or V2’s ExSeries e-liquid kit.

      Others succeed by holding the vapor in their mouths for a second or two before inhaling. Good luck!

  • Thanks for article ,I have hiccough sometimes in the morning when I start to vaping, how resolve that problem?

  • Linda

    Thanks for the info did the same hold it in my mouth then took it back no cough so buzzing now

  • Bryon

    Reduced amount of vapor I “pull” in,
    & held in mouth for a sec instead of drawing directly into lungs. Cough gone!

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