Why It Is Smart to Use E-Liquid Tanks Instead of Refilling Ecigarette Cartridges

Last updated on September 19th, 2017 at 10:07 am

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Have You Been Refilling Your Replaceable E-Cigarette Cartridges With E-liquid?

Not a Good Choice!

Use E-Liquid Tanks Instead of Refilling Ecigarette Cartridges

Some vapers believe that refilling their ecigarette cartridges with e-juice, instead of replacing them with a new cartridge saves money. That may have once been true, but the market has changed. Today there are scores of great, low priced refillable ecig tank systems that are not only economical, they’ll give you a far better vaping experience. Here’s why.

Wasted E-Liquids

Refilling your cig-a-like ecig’s cartridge can be messy because they’re just not made to be refilled. It’s easy to waste precious liquid if your spill it. You can also irritate your skin and ruin your clothing and furniture. The new vape pens and vaporizers are designed to be refilled. Some are trickier than others, but all starter kits have complete instructions and there’s a model for every level of vaping. Even old fashioned blu cigs has new refillable cartridge models. 

Mind the Germs

There’s no way to clean a replaceable ecigarette cartridge. If you’re repeatedly refilling the cartridge, the internal atomizer becomes a nice home for bacteria. If you refill the same cartridge for weeks, (or months) your mouth, throat and lungs will become a nicer home for those bacteria. 

It’s easy to overfill the cartridge, causing liquids to seep into the battery. If your ecig battery gets wet in the process, it can cause it to die an unnatural death. It may even cause the battery to short out. Overfilling can also cause leaking from the tip of the cartridge so you’re likely to get a nasty mouthful of e-liquid.

Why Not Choose More Vapor and Fuller Flavor?

Modern refillable Clearomizer and tank systems produce more vapor and fuller flavor. Practically all tanks and clearomizers hold more liquid than cartridges so you can vape longer before you need to refill your tank.

The best Refillable Tanks and Clearomizers were made to be refilled many times as long as you clean them regularly. Examples are those from Apollo and HaloCigs.

Halo Triton Tank System

Love the feel of a cigarette? V2’s refillable slim ecig can also be cleaned and refilled several times. .

E-Liquids Have Evolved!

There was a time when all e-liquids were made in China and sold cheaply to the US and European markets, but the e-liquid market has become far more sophisticated and e-juice products are designed for the way we vape today.  

The best flavors are made in quality-controlled laboratories all over the US and Europe and the best manufacturers use 100% pure, often organic ingredients. 

Check Out Vaping’s Modern Alternatives

  • There are so many economical vape pens from which to choose, so refilling a cartridge that’s meant to be thrown away makes little sense. 
  • You can choose from thousands of amazing, highly satisfying e-liquid flavors from companies that offer the highest level of purity and the best tasting eliquids. You can even mix flavors to create your perfect vape.
  • You can produce vapor clouds you never dreamed of.
  • You can order your own propylene glycol to vegetable glycerine ratio from many quality e-liquid companies. You can even get all VG e-liquids.

Learn more about PG and VG and how they affect your vaping experience 

Some of the best new eGo and Vaporizer Systems are very economical.

Of course, you don’t have to throw away your traditional e-cigarette even if you try a vaporizer. It will always come in handy when you run out of e-liquid, or have to clean your Clearomizers and Tanks. Just remember to use a nice, fresh cartridge!

South Beach Smoke Build Your Own Vaporizer Kit

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