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Jackie is a professional researcher and writer with a background in health and art history. An avid traveler, she has been vaping for over 7 years. Jackie particularly enjoys visiting vape shops around the world. You can read more of Jackie's articles on this site and on CloudNineECigReviews.com

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  3. Finding the Best ECigarette That Is Not Harsh on Your Throat — 1 comment
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SMOK ALIKE Pod Mod Review + Setup Instructions

SMOK Alike Pod Mod Review Featured image

The SMOK ALIKE Pod Mod Kit is all about style, yet this little device has lots of power for great flavor and voluminous clouds, plus customization features.

Vaping CBD for Relaxation and Health

Vaping CBD for relaxation Featured

This guide to vaping CBD e-liquids answers questions about CBD safety, quality and effectiveness. Our product suggestions include only the purest vape juices with all-natural CBD.

Great Tasting Disposable E-Cigarettes

Great Tasting Disposable E-Cigarettes Featured Image 8/2020

Here are the best disposable ecigs and pod vapes – great for new vapers wanting to test out vaping and for those who travel.

E-Cigarette Batteries with Safety Features


Wondering why some e-cigarette batteries have exploded? There are many reasons, but here’s where to find ecigs with built-in safety features.

Finding the Best ECigarette That Is Not Harsh on Your Throat

Throat Harsh

Here’s how to avoid harsh tasting, low quality ecigarettes.

Halo E-Cigarettes Triton Tank Review

Halo Triton Tank Starter Kit

If you’re ready to move up to the intermediate level of vaping, the Halo Triton Tank E-Cigarette is an excellent choice. Here’s why I rate it as one of the top 10 e-cigarettes on the market.

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