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Last updated on May 11th, 2018

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Apollo ecigarettes best ecigarette guide


Are Apollo Brand E-Cigarettes Still One of the Top Vape Companies?

Apollo Ecigarettes are maintaining their popularity as more vapers explore the best selling, most economical vaping systems and eliquids on the ecig market. 

This popular ecig company has been around since 2010 and their line of excellent electronic cigarettes have been consistently growing and improving. While they has never been my personal go-to vendor for ecigs, the California based company is known for their quality hardware. Few know that their high tech R&D and manufacturing facilities are on site.

The company claims in-house manufacturing is the main reason why they beat the competition on pricing. They pride themselves on their award winning Endeavor Series products that are indeed less expensive than similar products. For example, their sub ohm vape pen called the NEO Endeavor is priced at only $24.95. 

Apollo NEO Endeavor


If you visit the website, you’ll find are 13 brands of vape products, including tanks, MODS and e-liquids. They also offer at least one device from these popular vaping manufacturers:

  1. Aspire (1)
  2. Davide (1)
  3. Efest (1)
  4. Eleaf (1)
  5. Kanger (1)
  6. MXJO (1)
  7. Samsung (1)
  8. Sigelei (1)
  9. Smok (2)
  10. Sony (1)
  11. Trustfire (1)

You’ll Find Everything from Cigalikes and Disposables, to Advanced Vape Kits with Variable Wattage and Voltage.


Free Shipping Deal

Apollo offers Free Shipping on orders over $50. While shipping is not entire free for all purchases, it’s still a better deal than most other top ecig companies. The only truly free shipping deal I know of, is at another discount seller, DirectVapor.

Satisfaction Guaranteed?

This is one vape company that is a little less transparent about their Money Back Guarantee. While it’s listed on their menu bar, the icon is not linked. Neither is there a page on the website that offers any details about the guarantee.

Apollo’s E-Liquids- Yes and No

I’m an e-liquid maven and having tested so many I have to say it has been hit and miss with their juices. On the upside, there are 122 different flavors, and they offer 50/50 percent PG to VG blends as well as 70/30 VG/PG blends suitable for sub ohm vaping.

I do know, unlike other e-liquid companies such as Mt. Baker Vapor or Virgin Vapor you cannot request a higher VG ratio at Apollo. Also on the downside, you have to steep their e-liquids for best flavor. 

Apollo eliquids


If you’re ready to move up to a nice little vape pen system that’s economically priced, you can’t go wrong with Apollo for quality hardware and decent ejuices that are made in-house.

Our Rating for Apollo 9.2



Apollo Endeavor Vaporizer eGo kit best ecigarette guide

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