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Last updated on December 9th, 2019

E-Cigarette Cartridges - Best ecigarette guide

Check Out Our Unbiased ECigarette Cartridge Flavors Review Before You Buy an Electronic Cigarette

Choosing an e-cigarette flavor can be confusing, especially if you’re new to vaping. As an e-cig reviewer I’m continually testing cartridge flavors from the most reputable e-cigarette companies. Some are great, others are reserved for highly specialized tastes… (that’s a nice way of saying they’re pretty awful). 

After comparing notes with the entire BECG review team, we assembled our picks for the very best tasting e-cigarette cartridge flavors for your consideration.

As taste will always be subjective, we’ve also included links to the e-cigarette companies mentioned, so you can check out even more customer reviews. 

Something For All Your Taste Buds

Electronic cigarette flavors fall within three categories of flavor; fruit (69.4%), followed by sweet (61.4%) then tobacco (43.9%). Thanks to renowned scientist, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos for those statistics. You can always choose your preferred level of nicotine.

Here’s Our Review of the Best Tasting Cartridge Flavors for a Cigalike Styled E-Cigarette


#1 Recommendation:

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke has ten filter flavors

Popular South Beach Smoke has been around for a long time. They now have 16 ecig cartridge flavors which is a lot compared to other brands. Although people have other favorite flavors, I recommend Tobacco Mint, Vanilla and Chocolate. 

All cartridges are filled with e-liquids that are free of diacetyl and you can choose your own nicotine level.

Some are sold in packs of 5, some in packs of 15. Prices start at $14.99 for the 5 pack.

Check out the South Beach Smoke Cartridges on Their Website

#2 Recommendation:


Mig Vapor V2 Cartridges

Mig Vapor has become very well known for offering vapers true to taste ecig cartridges that are compatible with Green Smoke and V2 cartridges. If you don’t already know it, those companies no longer exist, so it’s great that former fans can still buy their favorite cart flavors from Mig Vapor. You’ll find favorites like “House” (which is just like V2’s Congress) or Sahara Classic (just like Green Smoke’s light tobacco). There are 11 excellent flavors in all, including the hard to find Cucumber!

Check out MIG VAPOR’s Cartridges Now

#3 Recommendation:


I have to add Vaporfi to the list because they do make six excellent flavor cartridges plus a blank, refillable cartridge you can fill with any e-liquid you prefer.

Flavors include Classic Tobacco, Sahara Gold, Mighty Menthol, Chocolate Dream and Very Vanilla.

All cartridges come in packs of 5. Right now they are selling for $14.24. If you choose auto-delivery you’ll save another 5%. Vaporfi always has free shipping with no minimum.

Check Out Vaporfi’s Cartridges on Their Website

Can You Use Any One Company’s Cartridge with a Different Company’s Ecig Battery?

It would be nice, but no e-cigarette cartridges do not fit on other company batteries. MIG Vapor is the only exception, in that their cartridges will fit the old Vaporfi and Greensmoke batteries.

Ready for a new vaporizer or vape pen?

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Happy Vaping!

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