Great Tasting Disposable E-Cigarettes

Last updated on July 13th, 2018

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Are You Looking for the Convenience of a Disposable E-Cigarette?

Maybe you’re a new vaper testing out the merits of e-cigarettes. Perhaps your just looking for a disposable e-cigarette for travel.

You can buy a pack at the drug store, but like most convenience store brands, don’t expect to get full enjoyment. Actually, there aren’t many quality disposables on the market. Some companies have even dropped them from their product line.

I’ve tested quite a few disposable brands of ecigs over the years, and found only one that impressed me. I was surprised at the quality of the V2 400 Puff Disposable Ecigs.

The Best Features of V2 400 Disposable

  • They are available in a 5 Pack or 10 Pack
  • They’re long Lasting
  • Disposable e-cigarettes out-perform retail competitors in both battery life and vapor production
  • Disposables come fully charged right out of the box
  • There’s no recharging, refills or unnecessary accessories
  • Simply dispose of when finished


Downside of Disposables

  • Limited flavors
  • Limited choice of nicotine level
  • Somewhat average vapor 
  • They are far more expensive choice for vapers over other vape pens.


V2 reviewers rate this ecig 4.5 stars, (out of 5), saying it’s the best on the market for taste, vapor production and convenience.

A use-and-toss ecig is really handy if you’re a vaper who’s waiting for your next order to arrive.

Yes, you can test out vaping ecigs by starting with a disposable. Be aware that they’re not as powerful or customizable as a regular ecigarette and with today’s prices, you can buy a regular ecig starter kit for the same price as a 10 pack disposable kit.

As of this posting, the 10 pack sells for $44.95 and the 5 pack sells for $24.95

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What About Flavors and Nicotine?

The V2 Disposable comes in 2 flavors, V2 Red (Tobacco) and Menthol. It’s a long 105 mm in length which means the battery will last a day or two depending on your vaping style. Expect to get 400 puffs. 

The 1.8% nicotine level in the V2 is about the same as a tobacco cigarette.

We highly recommend V2’s disposable e-cigarettes whether you’re traveling or just looking to try out the vaping experience.

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Note: V2 offers Free shipping, a 30 Day Guarantee, 1 Year Warranty and a Recycling Program on all their hardware products, but please note, V2 Disposables are not included. 



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    This is very nicely written. I’m very happy to read this. I will definitely try this flavors. Its a better option to use it, rather than using a regular e-cigs or ehookas.

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