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Last updated on September 12th, 2020

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Are You Looking for the Convenience of a Disposable E-Cigarette?

Perhaps you’re a beginner vaper who wants to try vaping but you’re not ready to buy a more expensive starter kit. Maybe you want the convenience of a disposable vape pen for travel. Is it holiday season? Disposable e-cigs make great stocking stuffers!

Actually, there aren’t many quality disposables on the market. Some vape companies have even dropped them from their product line. We know that there’s still a demand so we did some research. Here’s our latest report. 

The Best Disposable Vaporizers, Pod Vapes and E-cigs

We’ve tested several brands available on-line and we can recommend a few. We’re also happy to report that there are now excellent, disposable Vape Pod Pens that will give you better flavor and vapor than a cigalike. That’s handy if you’re considering buying a vape pod kit that has a higher nicotine content than a traditional ecig.

 Here Are the Best Features of All Disposable Vaping Devices

  • Disposable Vapes are Inexpensive
  • They Are Available in Single or Multiple Packs Depending on Brand
  • You’ll Get From 200 to Over 400 Puffs 
  • Disposables Come Fully Charged Right Out of the Box
  • There’s No Recharging Needed  
  • They are lightweight and Portable
  • You Don’t Have to Fill (or Refill) it with E-Liquids
  • Simply Dispose When Finished
  • Disposables come in handy if you’re waiting for an e-juice delivery or if you’re traveling. 


 Here Are the Downside of Disposables

  • Many have limited flavor choices, or some flavors are out of stock
  • Some have a limited choice of nicotine level
  • Vapor production will be good, but don’t expect huge clouds
  • Expect to pay for shipping with low cost disposables


Our Picks for the Best E-Cig Disposables (Note: coupon codes may not apply if there are special sales) 

Recommendation #1 

Switch Mods Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable Vape Pod Kit from Switch Mods-all flavors

The Disposable Vape Pen from Switch Mods comes in 20 different flavors! Priced at less than $9, you’re sure to find one to your liking.

Flavor choices include:

Grape, Mango, Mint, Lychee Ice, Pink Lemonade, Blue Razz, Watermelon Ice, Pog, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Lemonade, Berry, Cucumber Lime, Green Apple, Melons, Lemon Tart, Orange Creamsicle, Grapefruit Guava, Lush Ice, Peach Ice and Pina Colada Ice.


Recommendation #2

Zaero Disposable Vape Pen 

Zaero Disposable Vape in 7 flavors

Unlike most disposable pens, the Zaero Vape gives you get the flexibility of selecting your nicotine level – from 5.0% down to 0%. That’s great for vapers who want to slowly cut down on their nicotine intake.  

There are seven excellent flavors from which to choose if you buy a single vape pen. Right  now it costs just $6.99.

  • Chocolate
  • Blue Razz
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Sweet Orange
  • Tobacco



Recommendation #3

Ziip Disposable Z-Pod Vapes

Ziip Z-pods in 6 flavors

Ziip Z-pods in 6 flavors

This great little pre-filled disposable vape pen comes in a great selection of 30 flavors!….everything from Tobacco to Cheesecake. 

We tested most of them and they are true to taste! You’ll get at least 200 puffs per pen which is equivalent to 20 regular cigarettes.

Enjoy each vape right out of the box, as there’s no need to charge it. 


Recommendation #4


NKD100 Disposable 

NKD100 salt disposable vaporizer review


What we liked best about this model is the fact that it is not only a vape pod pen, but it uses one of the best nicotine salts e-liquids from popular brand Naked100.

Learn More About Nicotine Salts

You get a choice of 5 flavors with this model including

  • American Patriots
  • Brain Freeze
  • Lava Flow
  • Polar Breeze
  • Really Berry


Nicotine level is high at  5ml – on par with the popular JUUL vape pod pen. 

This vape pen will last a long time – about 300 puffs which is better than average. It’s priced a bit higher than the Zaero at $8.99 per vape pen.

buy it now

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Recommendation #5


MOJO Disposable Pod Device


MOJO disposable pod vape kit in red for review


Another Vape Pod Pen that’s disposable is the MOJO. We like it because it feels good in your hand and you can choose from 5 different flavors – Classic Tobacco, Cool Melon, Menthol and Pineapple Ice. The color of the pen reflects the flavor. Most are usually in stock at VaporDNA and they taste pretty decent.

Currently on sale for $6.99 each, don’t expect longevity from this model as it will give you only 250+ puffs before you throw it away. It does; however, pack a punch with a high 5.0% of nicotine salt e-liquid.

buy it now

Use the code DNA10 for 10% off Sitewide 

Do you have a favorite disposable vape pen? Whether or not it’s listed here in this article, we’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment.

Looking for a Full-Spectrum, disposable CBD vape pen? Try the Nu-X CBD Disposable.



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