Eversmoke Review – Low PG Cartridge in an ECigarette

Last updated on February 23rd, 2018

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Eversmoke E-Cigarettes with low PG – Rated Among Our Top 10 Brands



Eversmoke e-cigarette basic starter kit

Eversmoke electronic cigarettes is a brand that is often overlooked by e-cigarette reviewers stuck on a rating system that favors the more highly advertised e-cigarette companies. The fact is that Eversmoke is a great, well-made product with excellent vapor and a long-lasting lithium ion battery, but it’s the Eversmoke Vaporflo Cartridge ingredients that gives it the edge over so many other e-cigarettes. It’s the reason I rate it among our Top 10 Brands of E-Cigarettes.

Eversmoke’s Vaporflo cartridge technology actually has a lot going for it.

1- The liquid and atomizer are combined within the cartridge (typical of “cigalike” 2-part e-cigarette systems)

2- The Vaporflo cartridge produces clouds of vapor.

3- The cartridge contains ingredients specific to Eversmoke, including Nicotine, Distilled Water, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Glycerin and additional FDA approved flavorings. The key word is “Glycerin”. Why?

The base cartridge ingredients in practically all E-cigarettes include either Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, or a combination of the two. They are both non-toxic and organic, but some people have an allergic reaction to Propylene Glycol. Some people are just fearful of PG for unproven reasons.

woman with sore throatIf you get sore throat, or any other allergic reaction when vaping an e-cigarette, check the ingredients on the company website to see if they contain PG. If so, Eversmoke’s 70% vegetable glycerine (VG) compound may be right for you.

4- Eversmoke’s cartridge has a silicone tip which is meant to help prevent leakage, but I think it’s unlikely to even matter with the thicker VC base. You get a smooth draw, but the flavors may be a bit sweeter than those with a high PG base.

Since you get less of a ‘throat hit’ with Eversmoke’s mostly VG based filters, you may want to compensate by ordering a higher nicotine level, but I never found that necessary. Eversmoke’s nicotine ranges from zero to a bold 24 mg.

Flavor Review 

Eversmoke’s Classic Tobacco and Golden Tobacco flavors are both full-bodied, but they are slightly sweet tasting. You might compare them to a sweeter Marlboro, Camel or Lucky Strike, but of course, taste is highly subjective to individual taste buds and preferences.

Eversmoke was clever in choosing their other flavors to include Cool Menthol, Peppermint Party, Very Vanilla, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, Peach Passion, and Pina Colada. All (except for the Cool Menthol) compliment the slightly sweet flavor of their base ingredient.


Eversmoke offers vapers either a manual or automatic battery. If you’re not familiar with the difference, the manual has a little button on the side which activates the vapor production, while the automatic battery activates when you puff on the filter. Battery colors come in white, black and stainless steel, in short and long length. The short battery will give you about 250 puffs and the long one abut 350 puffs.

Eversmoke batteriesEversmoke’s lithium ion battery takes a bit more care and safety awareness than lithium polymer batteries found in brands such as  V2Cigs. It’s important to read and follow the Eversmoke manual. For example: You must always use the charger that comes with your Eversmoke kit and never leave a battery on the charger for an extended period of time after it is charged.

While all batteries including lithium polymer and lithium ion can overheat, you have to be much more attentive to lithium ion batteries.

Other Things I Like About Eversmoke 

Eversmoke is one of the few e-cig companies to offer a true 30 day money back guarantee instead of a product exchange. All Eversmoke cartridges contain only USA-made e-liquids.

You can also purchase some cool accessories such as a portable charging case. Eversmoke offers one of the lowest priced starter kits. Their Reusable Express Kit is a terrific option for anyone who wants a cig-a-like style ecigarette with a mostly Vegetable Glycerin eliquid. 

Starter Kit Price Range – $29.99-$149.99

Best-E-Cigarette-Guide Rating – 9.6

Eversmoke e-cigarette on best e-cigarette guide

Visit the Official Eversmoke Website


  • Reasonably priced for a high-quality electronic cigarette
  • The best choice of traditional e-cigarette for those sensitive to propylene glycol
  • Produces great vapor volume


  • Flavors tend to be on the sweet-side
  • Lithium ion battery can overcharge if misused.
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