Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Review

Last updated on November 1st, 2018

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Green Smoke – One of the First Electronic Cigarettes

Green Smoke Pro Kit

Green Smoke Pro Kit

Green Smoke enjoys one of the most appealing names in the electronic cigarette business, and while not the best product in it’s class, it is still a popular choice for newbie vapers. 

As the name suggests, the Green Smoke persona is modern, fresh, pleasing to the eye and eco-friendly. Their packaging and website design is all very “feel good” and dare I say, “healthful”. There’s nothing sexy or sultry about Green Smoke’s image, and the company, now owned by tobacco giant Altria means to keep it that way.  

I first tested their product back in 2010. There wasn’t much competition on the ecig market and I was thrilled with these well-made cigalikes. Today the brand falls way short of other cigalike vaping devices; in fact; seasoned vapers call Green Smoke “Green Joke”. Vapor production and flavor is really lacking, but the brand is still known for product purity and good customer service. 

Average Cartomizers, 2-part Batteries

Inside a green smoke e-cigarette

Inside a Green Smoke E-Cigarette

Green Smoke e-cigarettes are an easy to use 2-part ecig system where the filter creates the vapor and the battery gives it the charge to do so. Green Smoke Cartomizers have average vapor production and they last as long as it would take a vaper to smoke about a pack and a half of tobacco cigarettes (or approx. 200 puffs). In keeping with their eco-friendly commitment, Green Smoke offers a Cartomizer recycling program. 

The batteries come in two lengths, 4.6 inches (270 mAh) and 4 inches (160) mAh). They are shipped 70% charged. Green Smoke claims that the long battery can stay charged for the time it takes you to smoke about 33 cigarettes, while the short battery will get you 25 cigarettes worth of charge. Nicotine level choices are good, going from Zero to 2.4%. 

Flavors – Limited 

Green Smoke’s Flavor selections are very limited compared to other e-cigarette companies. They choose to stick with the basics, offering three tobacco flavors plus menthol, mocha, vanilla (now called “smooth cream”), and mountain clove. Please note, if you live in California, Mountain Clove, Mocha Mist and Smooth Cream are not available to you.

When I asked why this was so, a company representative was “unable to answer” my question.

In addition, the company does not want to compete with it’s sister tobacco companies so I’ve been told they will be changing the names of the tobacco flavors, eliminating the word “tobacco”.

If you must have your mint, chocolate or fruit flavored cartridges, I suggest you check out other brands.

Battery Styles

Green Smoke offers several battery colors and designs; however, they do not offer a manual activation button like so many other brands. Many vapers with young children prefer the button activation feature. If you must have a manual start/stop button on your e-cig, or a refillable tank system (vaporizer), the Halo e-Cigs 6G model is a PC Magazine award winner.

Green Smoke never (and probably never will) offer consumers a tank-style e-cigarette system, choosing only the first generation 2-part system – a replaceable Cartomizer and lithium-polymer batteries. 

In keeping with their green promise, they have the same clean, sanitary, system as all cigalikes- they don’t have too many parts that can breakdown or get gunky. That’s an advantage if you want simplicity with your vaping experience. Frankly I think there are better products.

Customer Service

On the plus side, Customer service at Green Smoke rates high on our list. They get an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and complaints have been almost negligible with only 16 in the past 3 years, all of which have been resolved. 

Price: For years Green Smoke keep their prices high. They had an edge on the market and competition wasn’t as fierce as it is today. You can now (2018) get an Essential Kit which consists of 1 4.6″ battery, 1 cartridge and a USB charger for only $9.99.

Shipping has always been free and Green Smoke is one of the few e-cig companies that offers a 30 day money back guarantee in writing on their website. 

Green Smoke has been around a long time; since 2008. I personally would liked to see them move with the times, offering more innovative products that improve your vaping experience. 

Best E-Cigarette Guide’s Rating – 6.6

Green Smoke Logo on Best E-Cigarette guide


  • Clean, easy-to-use design
  • Good Customer Service
  • Eco-Friendly Recycling Program


  • Limited flavor Cartomizers
  • Most flavor cartridges are not available in California
  • Green Smoke only offers automatic batteries; no manual activation button
  • Owned by a Big Tobacco Company


Looking to purchase your first e-cigarette? Want more choices and information? Check out our E-Cigarette Rating Chart.

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    • matratze testsieger 2015 on June 8, 2015 at 4:59 am
    • Reply

    I like the valuable information you provide to your articles.

  1. Hi Claire,

    That’s really odd especially since you’ve been unsuccessful recharging batteries from more than one ecig company.

    Regular standard sized e-cigarette batteries can last about a day with normal vaping. Long batteries and Tanks should last even longer before you need to put them back on the battery charger.

    Here are some tips.

    1- When you first receive your e-cigarette, follow the charging instructions carefully. Although most will work out of the box, the batteries are only partially charged and won’t last long! You need to fully charge the battery, as per manufacturers instructions in your user manual.

    2- If you’ve followed the initial charging instructions and your battery dies on you within 20 hours of normal usage, call the customer service department for your ecig brand and explain the situation. They will always issue a replacement.

    3- If the above tips don’t work with different types of ecig brands, you may have a faulty wall charger, or you’re not using the wall charger that came with your kit, or you may have a faulty outlet (although that one’s unlikely).

    As for disposables that don’t last an hour, ..again you need to notify customer service, then try another brand. Even the best companies won’t replace disposables, but they may offer you a discount on your next purchase.

    Good luck!

    • Claire on July 29, 2014 at 2:18 am
    • Reply

    Whatever ecig I buy the battery quits-even the v2. Sometimes a disposable doesn’t even last an hour. What can I do?

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