Guide to the Top Selling Vaporizer Kits

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Last updated on May 29th, 2019

Compare the Most Important Features in an ECig Vaporizer Kit


Guide to the Top Selling Vaporizer Kits

ECig Tank Systems and Vaporizers have lots of exciting features, such as variable voltage, temperature control or sub ohm atomizer coils. They can be a bit intimidating at first if you’ve been using a traditional “cig-alike” electronic cigarette, but the satisfaction of fuller e-liquid flavor and huge vapor production with less harshness can be worth the learning curve. Our Vaporizer Kit Selection Guide helps you to clearly identify the specific features, advantages and costs of the top selling beginner and intermediate vaporizer e-cig systems.

Each Starter Kit is a Little Different. Some are uncomplicated, very portable and are really easy to use; others have more features that give you more control. There’s something here for every vaper so you’re sure to find the right match for your budget and vaping style.

Look below the chart for definitions of specific vaporizer terms.

Here are the Best Selling Vaporizer Starter Kits

The Chart Scrolls Horizontally and Vertically

BrandHalo Electronic Cigarette on Best-e-cigarette-guideTop Selling Vaporizer Kits VaporfiDirectvaporSouth Beach Smoke on Best-E-Cigarette-Guide
Starter Kit NameTriton Tank SystemVaporfi Pro3
Vape Pod Pen
Product ImageTop Selling Vaporizer Kits HALO Triton TankVaporfi Pro3 KitSmok Nord
myblue vape pen
Easy to UseYesYesYesYes
Number of Batteries
in Starter Kit
Battery Power
650 mAh1000mah1100mAH350 mAh
Number of Tanks
in Starter Kit
Tank Capacity
Tank Threading
808 510MagneticMagnetic;
No threads
Compatible with
Most other
Tanks & Batteries
Battery Threading
No threads
Bottom coilNoYesYesNo
Top Coil
Ohm Resistance
2.2-2.4ohmComes with two
2.0ohm Atomizers
(1) 0.6ohm mesh
coil for sub ohm
(1) 1.4ohm coil
for MTL vaping.
1.6 ohm
Product ImageTop Selling Vaporizer Kits HALO Triton TankVaporfi Pro 3 kitSmok Nord
myblue vape pen
Extra Atomizers
in Starter Kit
Not included1 additionalJust the 2
2 pods;
includes atomizer
Variable Voltage
USB Charger Included
Wall Charger IncludedYesNo
Kit Comes w/ Eliquid
Special Features
2 batteries
2 tanks
top coils in
5 resistance
Halo Case included
New Mouth to Lung
for full flavor
Ultra Portable
firing system.
Drop in
Magnetic Tank
and Charger
Free Shipping
On Orders
Over $75
Yes. No
Yes No
30 day Guarantee
YesYes60 Day
Lifetime Warranty
30 Day Warranty
Halo Triton TankVaporFi Pro 3SMOK NordMyblu vape
pod pen
Guide to the Top Selling Vaporizer Kits Buy NowGuide to the Top Selling Vaporizer Kits Buy NowGuide to the Top Selling Vaporizer Kits Buy NowGuide to the Top Selling Vaporizer Kits Buy Now
Color choices11 colors8 colors
mix and match
tank with
12 colors1 color

Definitions of Vaping Terms to Help You Choose the Perfect Vape Pen or Vaporizer:

  • Airflow Control – Some intermediate style vaporizers and vape pens offer an airflow dial where you can adjust the amount of air you inhale along with your vapor. The more air you inhale, the cooler your vape. The dial is usually found just beneath the tank.


  • Compatibility – 510/eGo threading – This is the most common threading for tanks/clearomizers and batteries. So if your vaporizer has a 510/eGo battery, you’ll be able to buy a wide selection of tanks and clearomizers for your e-liquids including higher end glass tanks and those offering dual coil atomizers. 


  • Coil Styles –  Top coil atomizers have the heating element near the top of the atomizer. Long wicks soak up the eliquid. Bottom Coil atomizers have the heating element at the bottom of the atomizer. This allows for longer lasting eliquids, but filling your tank can be a bit trickier.  Double coil and Sub-Ohm atomizers create more vapor and more intense flavor, but can deplete batteries faster.


  • mAh – Milliampere-hour – Describes the capacity or energy charge that a battery will hold before it needs to be recharged.


  • Kanthal Atomizer Coil – Every ecig atomizer contains a wire coil which heats the e-liquid. Kanthal wire is a ferritic iron, chromium-aluminium alloy. It does not work for TC vaping. Kanthal is sometimes used in Rebuildable Atomizers (RBA’s) and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA’s) for Mechanical Mods (Mech Mods).


  • Nichrome Atomizer Coils – Nichrome has a lower resistance than Kanthal. It heats up very quickly. When used in RBA’s and RDA’s it will hold its shape when wicking. These coils cannot be used for TC vaping.


  • Stainless Steel Coils, Nickel and Titanium Coils are used for Temperature Control Vaping.


  • Mouth-to-Lung Vaping – A mouth-to-lung hit is one whereby the vapor is first drawn and gathered in the mouth, then inhaled into the lungs. This is similar to the way in which smokers inhale cigarette smoke.


  • Magnetic Connection – Some vaporizers offer battery chargers and cartridges that connect magnetically battery. 


  • Ohm Resistance: Lower numbered, and those less than 1 ohms create a hotter vape, Higher numbered ohms create a cooler vape.


Read More About Ohm Resistance

  • Variable Volt and Temperature Control Battery – These batteries allow you to adjust the voltage output of your battery to create a hotter vape that can produce greater clouds of vapor and more intense flavor. Your perfect vape will also depend on your atomizer’s coil ohm resistance and your e-liquid. Some flavors taste better on low voltage/wattage as where others taste better on higher voltage/wattage. TC vaporizers let you lock in the temperature, so it never get too hot.
SMOK Morph and Aspire Zelos TC vaporizers

SMOK Morph and Aspire Zelos TC vaporizers



We’ll continue to update this information regularly, adding new product designs from the most respected vape companies.

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