Finding the Best ECigarette That Is Not Harsh on Your Throat

Last updated on May 11th, 2018

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Are You Getting a Harsh Throat Vaping E-Cigs From Convenience Stores and Drug Stores ?

Ecigarettes on drug store shelf

Drug store e-cigarettes may be convenient to buy, but if you’re new to vaping, expect to by a brand that’s harsh on your throat.

I’ve been testing e-cigarette brands and styles since 2009 so I have a pretty good idea why the ecig companies that I rate so highly manage to maintain loyal customers. It’s because they sell quality e-cigarettes that offer a better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.  But not all e-cigarettes are alike, and many are quite harsh and they don’t give you a great vaping experience.

All brands of e-cigarettes deliver a vapor instead of burning tobacco smoke. The ingredients in e-cigarette vapor are USP organic vegetable glycerine, FDA approved propylene glycol, USDA certified organic flavors, and (if you prefer), nicotine.

All ecigs have no flame, no tar, no ash and no nasty tobacco smoke. They all allow you inhale vapor and blow vapor rings.

It’s just that the hardware and the quality control differs dramatically with different ecig companies.

Like all competitive products, some are made cheaply, others are made with higher quality materials under stricter supervision.

Finding the Best ECigarette That is Not Harsh on Your Throat

Dont Settle For Harsh Tasting E-Cigarettes

Here’s How to Avoid Harsh Tasting, Low Quality ECigarettes

Before you grab the first ecig off the drug store shelf, check out our Electronic Cigarette Ratings List.

The list shows a variety of quality e-cigarette brands (including VaporFi, V2Cigs, and Halo) that are quality made and include Pure, Food Grade eliquids that are 100% US sourced and lab tested so they’re Diacetyl free. They also have many different features, styles and flavors, but they all have several important characteristics.

Check Out: Where to Buy E-Liquids That Are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl Free

They all have:

  • Superior hardware (batteries, chargers and cartridges) that don’t break down after a few uses.
  • Excellent cartridge flavors that taste true to their name and contain 100% pure US made e-liquids.
  • Heating elements that are quality controlled so your vape doesn’t burn your throat.
  • Controlled activation systems which mean your e-cigarette battery will never overheat and will turn itself off automatically when it’s not in use.


Does Vaping Make You Cough? Here’s How to Stop It


Top Selling ECigarettes Can Help You Make the Move Away From Tobacco Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have tremendous harm reduction advantages over smoking tobacco cigarettes. They are very different from other nicotine replacement systems like patches and gums because they allow you to enjoy the “hand to mouth” smoking experience without the tobacco smoke. There are now over there are over 60 million vapers around the world!

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide

Check ListYou owe it to yourself to explore the many ecig options on our Rating List before you buy. Best ECigarette Guide also has many unbiased reviews of the top selling ecig companies. You’ll find it easier to choose an e-cigarette that’s not harsh on your throat, but also matches your taste preference, vaping style and budget.

Our secure links will take you to the official e-cigarette website where you can make your purchase with confidence.  We even have coupon codes so you can save money. Many of the top ecigarette websites we feature in our reviews also offer rewards programs and they frequently have discount sales.

The most important advice I can give you is not to give up your search for an e-cigarette if you’ve had a disappointing experience with an inferior product.  We believe you’re sure to find and ecigarette that satisfies your needs and will help you reach your goal of switching to a quality smoking alternative.

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