In a Rare Move, Top Vape Company, Vaporfi Slashes Prices

Last updated on July 21st, 2018

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Vaporfi ecgs has new low prices

ECig Prices Hit New Lows at Top Selling Vape Company Vaporfi

In a bold move, top seller Vaporfi has cut prices on their entire lineup of vaping hardware including ecigs, vaporizers, eGos, and accessories.

Some items have been reduced as much as 50%!

I asked Senior Online Brand Manager, Nichele Thompson why Vaporfi decided to make such a bold move. Here’s the response:

“While many e-cig players in the market have been forced to downsize, International Vapor Group (the parent company) has proven resilient with the strongest performance figures year-to-date. Vaporfi aims to align our products with market value while ensuring no customer feels marginalized due to price.”

The official website also underwent a complete makeover so visitors can expect improved performance and ultimately the fastest site speeds to date. 

Not Only Vaporfi Ecigs – All Your Favorite Brands

Vaporfi now carries the most popular vape brands such as ELeaf, Kanger, SMOK, and Innokin. They are actually registered resellers of 28 respected brands and they sell over 125 models. Being a registered reseller means they guarantee their products and will honor your warranty. You won’t get that in a vape store. Also, you’re guaranteed your vaporizer is not a clone.


It’s rare to find an online seller of vaping products that offers Free Shipping. GreenSmoke still has it, but their products are dreadful and can’t be compared to higher-end vape companies. Vaporfi’s decision to offer free shipping is a nice addition to their new low price structure. Note, they have sales almost every week, so expect even greater savings.

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Despite the price decrease and free shipping, VaporFi would like to emphasize that product quality will never be compromised.

Safety and Quality Still Guaranteed at Vaporfi

There isn’t a vapor company in business who won’t be affected by pending FDA legislative reform and Vaporfi has taken early strides to reinforce its leadership role in the industry. With top quality control and safety features in place on their entire product line, Vaporfi has made a serious commitment to the vaping community and according to it’s spokesperson,  will ensure “that vaping will continue to receive the opportunities it commands.” 

I think the newly revamped website is faster and even easier to navigate. Even if you’re not ready to buy, it’s certainly worth visiting. I’m a big fan of Vaporfi’s vape pens and box MODs, but they have an extensive line ecig hardware designed to suit all vaping levels. 

Famous Line of E-Liquids That You Can Mix and Match

With over 30,000 flavor combinations, Vaporfi’s guaranteed diacetyl-free e-juice is known for it’s quality, vapor production and good taste. They also have one of the best and most reliable e-liquid delivery programs that offers discount pricing and free shipping.


Vaporfi ecgs and vaporizers

                A Sampling of Vaporfi’s Ecigs and Vaporizers

I should note that the big price slash applies only to Vaporfi’s hardware, not their popular e-liquids. That said, as a long-time ecig reviewer I can pass along this discount.

Vaporfi e-liquid coupon-best-e-cigarette-guide


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    • Mario on February 13, 2018 at 3:27 am
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    Great! I am looking for a gift for my brother and I am just in the right time of purchasing it. My friend tell me about this and I checked it out. I am happy that I won’t expend more plus it is free shipping. I bet many vaping enthusiasts would be happy .

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