Is JUUL Really the Rare Jewel of Vaping?

Last updated on September 13th, 2018

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JUUL Ecig kit and box


JUUL is Now the Most Popular Vape Pen in America But How Did it Get to Be Number 1?

Wired Magazine said the JUUL “Might just be the first great e-cig”. That’s a pretty impressive statement. It came at a time when JUUL was still owned by PAX Labs and was considered to be a game changer in the world of beginner-style vape pens. It’s still is one of the most effective devices for adult vapers who want to quit smoking; in fact, JUUL is now the #1 selling e-cigarette, contributing to the drop in sales from combustible cigarettes.

When I first tested a JUUL starter kit I too discovered it was more than just another pretty vape pen. Comparing the JUUL to other portable pod vape pens, it’s still one of the most reliable and cost-effective devices.



First – The JUUL  (pronounced “Jewel”) is truly unique from other ecigs. It is designed beautifully. Nothing compares to this ecig’s sleek, modern profile; so much more sophisticated than your average vaporizer – even the one I often recommend – the low profile V2 ExSeries. JUUL happens to be much lighter.. and less complicated.

Second – JUUL will satisfy your nicotine cravings. The throat hit is serious, as JUUL pods still have a very high concentration of nicotine. At 5% that puts them well above the top level of 2.4% in most other ecigs. Many vapers just switching from tobacco cigarettes appreciate that point. 

In July of 2018 JUUL announced that it will also offer a 3% nicotine pod! It’s not out yet – so be sure to keep this page bookmarked so you can check back to this post for updates!

The nicotine is also different from most e-cigarettes. Most e-liquids (and tobacco cigarettes) use “free-base nicotine”.

JUUL is different in that it uses Nicotine Salts. No, it’s not salty, it just means that their patented formula uses the same type of nicotine found in tobacco leaves, giving you a cigarette-like nicotine delivery without any harshness.

Third – The JUUL is Light, Easy and Safe. What attracted me to the JUUL, beyond the elegant design is that it’s so portable, fitting easily into a pocket or purse. I love the way it feels in my hand. It’s also very easy to use, it won’t roll off your desk and yes, it’s great for travel. 




JUUL ecig flavor pod

JUUL ELiquid Pod

The e-liquid is contained in little color-coded pods that attach magnetically to the battery. Just pop on a pod and vape – no buttons or switches to mess with and it has a built-in temperature control system for safety. That means the temperature of the heating coil is controlled to give you the largest possible cloud of vapor, but none of the dangerous chemicals or compounds that come with overheating the e-liquid or the coil.


I had to take a full draw to get it started (which gave me quite a nic hit), but it was smooth vaping thereafter. I look forward to getting the 3% nicotine pods when they offer that option. Now all they need to do is to offer vapers the choice of a low PG e-liquid blend!

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There are currently 5 flavors at the writing of this post; Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee and Mango. Some are more true to taste than others, but the starter kit does offer a sample pack of 4 popular flavors so there’s a good chance you’ll find a favorite.

JUUL has been testing out new flavor pods; offering limited edition flavors such as “cool cucumber”. Right now you can order it if you subscribe to JUUL’s discount auto-ship program. With more and more vape pod systems on the market I suspect JUUL will be offering those newer flavor selections. It’s still anyone’s guess whether they will offer different nicotine levels. 

I will say, vapor production is surprisingly good for such a small device.

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The battery life is excellent for a Lithium-ion battery this size (about 250mAh). On a full charge it will last about a day depending on how you vape, but it’s very quick to charge in an hour or less.  If you tap the battery, a small LED tells you if your battery is running down.

JUUL ecig indicator lights


I have a love hate relationship with the charging system. I like the easy pop-in e-liquid pod, the battery simply snaps onto the usb charger. That’s nice, but because there’s no cord, you have to use your laptop’s USB port or any other horizontal USB port. If you have neither, you have to use a USB wall adapter which does not come with the kit.

The JUUL will charge quickly and easily for a few months. If it has difficulty charging and you don’t get the “white” charging light, just wipe the contacts with alcohol or water. I’ve had great success doing this. 

How Long Do JUUL PODs Last?

JUUL pods are petite so don’t expect them to hold out for more than a few days, depending on your usage. Also on the downside is that the replaceable flavor pods can be expensive, but as mentioned before, you can save money with their auto-ship program, and you get free shipping.

All-in-all I will say this is a great little ecig that’s hard to put down. Yes, the high nicotine level is addicting.  I can; however, agree that the JUUL is very satisfying. I particularly like the easy of use and portability.

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  • Ultra-Modern, Compact Design with Safety Features
  • Very portable and practically hides in your hand
  • Serious nicotine content that’s more like smoking a cigarette
  • Very popular with women who want a lightweight, easy to use, elegant ecig.


  • Only One Level of Nicotine Offered (so far)
  • USB charger port can wear out after a few months
  • Only Five Basic Flavors (more expected)
  • Only 2 colors Black and Navy (more expected)

Compare the JUUL with the similar ecig RUBI

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JUUL vape pen kit

JUUL Ships both domestically and internationally 

Check out the Latest Prices on JUUL Kits and Accessories on Their Official Website

Visit the official JUUL website

Like all tobacco products, JUUL is only available to adults.


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