What Is the Best Tasting Organic E Liquid? Kind Juice Review

Last updated on September 9th, 2020


KINDJuice Organic ELiquid review

When it Comes to Vape Juice Flavor & Purity, Kind Juice All-Natural E-Liquids Are the Best on the Market

Today vapers are pretty savvy. They’re looking for the “safest e-liquids”, meaning brands that’s are free of diacetyl, acetoin, acetyl propionyl. They also want e-juices that have No Vitamin-E, are THC-Free and FDA Registered. 

Many vapers are looking for PG free e-juices and flavors that are allergen free. 

Combine the above demands with the expectation of getting the best tasting e-liquids, and the search becomes far more difficult. Ultra-purity and great flavor is hard to find.

Well, I found an e-liquid company that promises (and delivers) it all. When it comes to vape juice favor and purity, Kind Juice all-natural e-liquids are the absolute best in their class.

When I discovered all-natural KIND Juice, I learned what lengths a company must go through to deliver all of the above.

This review uncovers the mystery of organic e-liquids and why we think KIND Juice is best you can buy.

For the purposes of this review we received several bottles of e-liquid flavors from each of the 3 KIND Juice flavor categories. As always, our comments and reviews are strictly our own.

KIND Juice Organic E-Liquids At a Glance

What’s Good

Pure 100% VG flavor base

All organic ingredients

Pure nicotine source

No artificial flavors

No synthetic sweeteners

USA Made

Vegan Friendly


Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Dairy Free

Cruelty Free

Pre Steeped


What’s Not So Good

More expensive than most other e-liquids

Overview of KIND Juice 

KINDJuice Promises


I’m always looking out for the best e-juices that are free from diacetyl and are 100% VG based, but KIND Juice takes all-natural to the next level of purity.

Their US made e-liquids are allergen free, as flavors are extracted without any harsh chemicals. 

Even the nicotine comes from organic tobacco farms and is processed without chemicals and solvents, unlike regular nicotine which has added ammonia!


September 9th, 2020 All Vape Juice which has not submitted a PMTA will be removed from the market. The PMTA cost and expectations are unrealistic for small to medium size vape companies. Our only hope is a presidential veto or FDA extension.
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KIND JUICE now offers Herbal Elixirs Vapes. These are CBD e-liquids. This CBD formula features 99.99% pure organic CBD Isolate and a proprietary blend of all-natural terpenes for holistic benefits.  

It is guaranteed to be THC Free, Nicotine Free, PG-Free, Lipid Free, Polysorbate Free. 

Yes, it’s Vitamin-E free and Diacetyl free also.

While there are other certified organic e-liquid companies that boast purity, it’s really the taste of KIND Juices’ flavors that put them at the top. It’s no surprise that they’ve received top awards for best e-liquids. 

We Tested Some of Their Most Popular Flavors

KIND Juices are all sugar free, Dairy Free, GMO free, gluten free, and cruelty free. 

Other e-liquid companies claim to have won awards, but KIND Juice has received the most recent awards for best tasting e-liquids. 


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Three Types of All-Natural E-Liquid Blends –

Totally organic, no dangerous chemicals (not even PG)

KIND Juice e-liquids come in three types of blends that are formulated for your specific tastes and vaping devices. 


KINDJuice Nectar - Once in a Blue Moon

KINDJuice Nectar – Once in a Blue Moon

Designed to work in every type of vaping hardware model, these handcrafted flavors are steeped for over 150 hours. I’m convinced that if your juice isn’t steeped long enough, (by either you or the manufacturer) the flavor won’t be true to it’s name. I’ve yet to test a KIND Juice flavor that missed the mark in that regard.

KIND Juice Nectars Come in 18 Flavors, including three custard and cream flavored juices which are are deliciously creamy. 

The Diacetyl scare caused many e-liquid companies to do away with custard and cream flavors, but KIND Juice succeeds in bringing the flavor back naturally – using certified organic flavorings and wild sourced non-GMO flavors.

Even their excellent flavor, Dawn of the Living Grapefruit, which includes a yogurt  flavor, remains dairy free as they use a proprietary botanical extract blend that mimics the flavor of yogurt while remaining completely free of diary products.

The Nectars Line comes in 0 to 18mg nicotine levels.

Sub Element Line

KINDJuice Radiance

KINDJuice SubElement -Radiance

As the name suggests, this group of six flavors is designed specifically for RBA’s and sub ohm tanks. The VG, alcohol free E-Gel recipe is very viscous, allowing it to produce huge vapor clouds. 

If you are highly allergic to PG, you need to know that there may be trace elements of PG in the Sub Element line of flavors.

I tested the Radiance flavor because I love both melon and cucumber vape juice. There were no perfume undertones here, as in other organic fruit flavored e-juices. As expected, the cucumber takes a back note to the Crenshaw and honey dew flavors.

The Sub Element Line comes in 0 to 6mg nicotine. Higher levels are not recommended for sub oHm vaping.

Tobacco Ridge

KINDJuice-Tobacco Ridge-Indonesian-Clove

KINDJuice-Tobacco Ridge-Indonesian Clove

KIND Juice makes eight tobacco blends including tobacco clove. 

I think tobacco and spice are the hardest flavors to duplicate in e-liquids. My past complaint with tobacco e-liquid is that it always tastes like chewing tobacco rather than toasted tobacco. 

Although I personally choose to stay away from whole tobacco taste experience, KIND Juice does a remarkable job creating a tobacco “smoke” flavor. 

I tested Indonesian Cove – a mostly clove and tobacco combination. Clove can be overpowering, but I found this natural offering to be smooth, and actually, a nice tobacco alternative.

Whether you prefer your tobacco e-juice bright, robust or hearty, there’s a full range of choices.

The Tobacco Ridge line comes in 1.5-18mg nicotine levels. No zero level is possible since the flavor is formulated from the true tobacco leaf.

How All-Natural KIND Juices Are Made

juice dropper and bottle

  • Organic Vegetable Glycerin

KIND Juice uses only organic VG that is USP Grade. It is produced from plants grown without the use of pesticides, and is extracted without the use of chemicals. The process, called hydrolysis, is where plant oils are placed under the combined force of pressure, temperature, and water.

  • Cold Extracted Nicotine

The nicotine source comes from US tobacco crops, ethically grown without the use of pesticides, growth control agents and/or herbicides.

Extracting the nicotine is also a natural process, so no chemicals or solvents are used. Instead, KIND Juice uses what they call a “Cold/Closed refinement technology” which shields the leaves from heat, light, and oxygen. The result is an ultra pure, clear nicotine.

Since there’s so much talk about nicotine salts being the ‘natural’ form of nicotine, I asked KIND Juice’s CEO, Imani Althea whether in fact, all nic salts are ultra pure and natural. She replied,

“Although it is possible to extract Nicotine Salts from natural tobacco leaves, that is not the case for the salt market today, as the majority are being produced synthetically due it’s relatively low cost.” 

Nicotine levels may be ordered from 0 mg to 18mg depending on the flavor line.

  • Preparation of the Flavor Extracts

KIND Juice’s organic flavors have no added chemicals. According to the company, flavors are extracted from the plant without the use of harsh solvents and using only natural ethyl alcohol (derived from sugar cane) and water. 

Of course, all juices are free of diacetyl or other diketones.

More about diacetyl and other diketones

Not only are there no added chemicals, there’s no sugar added and all flavors are wheat and gluten-free. That’s great news for those with allergy sensitivities.

As would be expected, KIND Juice has an ISO Certified Lab, and they use 3rd party audits to insure product purity.

Product Descriptions

Although each flavor does have an ingredients list, the specific flavor is not very detailed. 

When I asked why not, I was told there are only a few ingredients in each flavor. So, if the flavor description says “Japanese plum wine infused with jasmine blossoms”, that’s what’s in it – along with the natural VG base and nicotine (if you order it).

Still, if you are unclear about any flavor you can email customer service and they’re happy to help.

Vaping First Class

I’ve recommended quite a few e-liquid companies since I started reviewing vape products years ago. I still endorse a handful of the safest, best tasting juices, but KIND Juice deserves to be called the “World’s #1 Natural EJuice”.

If you’re ready to move up to organic quality and true-to-name flavor, expect to pay more for KIND Juice. You can; however, save money by ordering vape juice combo and sample packs.

They also have an auto-ship subscription and a rewards program which can save you even more.

Wrapping up my KIND Juice Review

Kind Juice all-natural e-liquids are hands-down the best tasting organic flavors I’ve ever vaped. Although they work best in sub-ohm tanks, I tested them in the top rated “all-in-one” pod vaporizer and advanced mods and they didn’t disappoint.

Since they are 100% VG juices, expect to get fuller flavor with a mouth-to-lung sub oHm vaporizer but these e-liquids work well in any device. Just remember, all high VG e-liquids can shorten the life of your atomizer coils.

What you can expect is a safer, allergen free e-liquid with 100% natural flavors. It’s no wonder KIND Juice keeps winning those awards.

KINDJuice natural logoKINDJuice site bar

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    • Doug on September 21, 2019 at 5:04 am
    • Reply

    sound good am looking for this free of prop gly etc with no nicotine tobacco flavor

    do you have or if not where to get please

    1. Hi Doug,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We recommend 2 brands that carry propylene glycol (PG) Free, Zero Nicotine e-liquids. Kai’s Virgin Vapor “Black Velvet” is an organic tobacco flavored e-liquid that can be purchased with zero nicotine. All organic e-liquids (from any ecig company) DO NOT contain PG. You can get it here.

      Kind Juice is another organic e-liquid company that makes only PG free e-juice. The “Tobacco Ridge” line of flavors includes eight Tobacco flavors. You can get it here,

      These e-liquids are third party tested for purity and never include any dangerous oils or additives.

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