New Eliquids with 60% Vegetable Glycerin From VaporFi – Our Taste Test Review

Last updated on May 12th, 2017

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Vaporfi Introduces 60% VG Reserve Collection EJuice

VaporFi Reserve eliquid Collection

Popular Ecigarette company Vaporfi, famous for their enormous selection of mix and match e-liquids is keeping competitive by offering Pre-Steeped, 60% vegetable glycerin ejuice. The new line of six flavor blends, now called the Reserve Collection differs from Vaporfi’s regular eliquids by formula, and is designed to please the most discriminating vapers.

Pre-steeped eliquids are traditionally smoother, and richer in taste than freshly made ejuices, but I’ve learned that it’s the ingredients that go into the recipe that keeps truly excellent eliquids at the head of the line. 


Vaporfi Reserve E-Liquids come packaged in a nice box rather than just a bit of bubble wrap. I liked the fact that it’s easy to store and easy to recognize amongst the score of eliquid bottles on the shelf. I took the photo before the line was changed from Artisan to Reserve, but I’ve been reassured that other than the name change the product and packaging are the same. 

Artesian eliquids review summer lovin vaporfiThere’s a plastic outer casing and a child resistant cap which made the anticipation even greater. It does take time to open the bottle, but you can be sure it will never leak during shipping. Young children will have a hard time opening the cap as well.

The bottle is glass, not plastic like many other brands and there’s a real dropper for easy, controlled dripping.

60% Vegetable Glycerine Formula

If you’re wondering why higher VG content makes e-liquids more attractive, it’s because the higher the vegetable glycerine in the base, the greater the vapor production. VG is the ingredient that helps makes those voluminous vapor clouds, (although your atomizer and tank system is a major contributor as well). Vaporfi’s Reserve Collection has 60% VG. That’s twice as much as their regular eliquids.

On to the Taste Test!

I tested two out of the six new Reserve flavors. I used my Vaporfi Rocket model vaporizer because it has a variable voltage battery design, a dual coil 1.80hm resistance atomizer and a tank with airflow control. I also thought it fair to give Vaporfi the advantage by using one their vaporizers.

It took a few puffs to mellow out as the liquid heated up, but all in all, I was well impressed and found myself refilling my tank long after my test taste was complete.

Flavors I Tested:

Decadence – Having a natural penchant for all things decadent, I was most curious about Vaporfi’s eliquid with the same name. Upon opening the box I could tell immediately that there was chocolate or cocoa in this aromatic concoction. I was; however surprised that chocolate was not the dominant flavor ingredient; it was actually hazelnuts (which I also enjoy but can rarely afford). The vape is rich and nutty, but not overpowering as some other chocolaty vapes. I can’t say it’s organically flavorful as in all natural eliquids but Decadence passed my taste test.

Summer Lovin’ – Described as being “sweet and tarty”, my first puff of Summer Lovin’ hit me with mostly tart…or rather “zest”. If you’ve ever taken a bite of lemon rind you know what I mean. I don’t know what it is about these e-liquids, but it takes a few puffs to bring out the blended flavors. Either that, or they’re best on a hot day when the e-juice is already warm.

I detected a hint of berry in Summer Lovin’ which really sweetens the taste, making it more like a pink lemonade. I was also pleased that there was no unpleasant, or fragrant after-taste as in so many other fruity e-liquids. I recommend Summer Lovin’ to anyone who prefers a tangy vape with voluminous vapor.

My Rating for Vaporfi’s Reserve E-Liquids 9.4-star-75

Vaporfi has definitely reached a new level of excellence within their abundant eliquids offerings. The Reserve Collection did not disappoint and for vapers leaning towards the higher VG experience I recommend it highly. VaporFi E-Liquids are all diacetyl-free and have been GRAS approved. They are also specifically made to be inhaled, meaning they are a step beyond “food grade”.

If you’re ready to try The Reserve Collection use my discount coupon.

VaporFi e-liquid coupon

If you try it and like it, Vaporfi is one of the few ecig companies that offers a refill discount program. Sign up and you’ll enjoy considerable savings.

 Happy Vaping!

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