RUBI Vape Pod Pen vs JUUL – Which Ecig is Better?

Last updated on May 11th, 2018

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Comparing RUBI Vape Pod Pen vs JUUL – Which E-Cigarette is Better?

JUUL VS RUBI ecigs best-e-cigarette-guide

Easy to use, lightweight vape pod pens are now very popular. You might say they are the modern version of the cigalike. Two of these little ecigs top the charts – JUUL and RUBI. Here’s a look at how they stack up and how they differ.

A Brief Review of JUUL and RUBI

There’s no denying that the JUUL vape pen has gone viral. Now owned by JUUL Labs inc., sales of this little ecig have skyrocketed; in fact, it is now the best-selling e-cigarette in America. How did this happen? Some say it’s because JUUL is a truly satisfying smoking alternative. Others say it’s simply because contains a wildly high level of nicotine.

Enter the RUBI. Designed and sold by KandyPens, the RUBI vape pen has become a strong contender to the JUUL. It has many of the same design characteristics, but it gives vapers more customizable options.

This review compares both vaping devices so you can make an educated choice on which pod style vape pen best suits you needs.

SIMILARITIES of the JUUL and the KandyPens RUBI

1 – Both ecigs are very lightweight and portable. The JUUL weighs .49oz, and is 3.75 inches long.  The RUBI weighs .64oz and is 4 inches long.

2- The shapes are very similar; they lie flat and won’t roll off your table or desk. 

3- Both have easy to use pop-in pods designed to contain both the liquid and atomizer. 

4- They both activate without the need for an activation button – just draw on the pod and inhale the vapor.

5- Both have a battery that is around 100mah so they take about a half hour to recharge.

6- Both atomizers have a coil resistance of about 1.6 ohms.

7- Each model delivers full, flavorful vapor.

8- The JUUL and the RUBI are Temperature Regulated for safety.

JUUL Vape Pen’s Best Features
Nicotine Salts

The JUUL uses “Nicotine Salts” instead of “freebase” nicotine which us used in cigarettes and most e-liquids. While both forms of nicotine come from the tobacco plant, JUUL’s Nicotine Salts give you a cigarette-like nicotine delivery without any harshness. Freebase nicotine, is absorbed by the lungs and brain very rapidly. 

JUUL is still considered to be one of the best ecigs for adults who are heavy smokers, or those serious about quitting smoking. Maybe it’s the ease of use; maybe it’s the nicotine salts formula. In any case, the company prides itself on it’s ‘cigarette-like’ delivery. 

Juul Box

JUUL’s design was an industry game changer. Some think it’s styled like a USB flash drive. Unlike first generation cigalikes that have a screw in e-liquid cartridge, JUUL has the pop-in “Pod” and contains an industry standard silica wick and a nichrome coil. 

JUUL is incredibly easy to use. Just charge it, pop in a pod and vape. When the pod is empty, pop in a fresh one.

You’ll never have to worry about your atomizer burning out, since each new pod has a fresh atty.

JUUL’S Limitations

After testing the JUUL we found several areas that we think could be improved.

1- The company offers limited e-liquid flavors. So far there are just five, Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee and Mango, but the company sometimes offers Limited Edition flavors. 

2- There’s only one nicotine level and that’s 5%. I don’t know of any other quality vape company that doesn’t offer at least three levels including zero nicotine. 

3- The JUUL battery is charged using a Magnetic USB base. When it works, it’s quick to charge, (about 30 minutes), but we’ve found it’s not always reliable. You have to clean the contacts with alcohol regularly, which can be a real pain.

4- You can’t disassemble the pod. That means you can’t add your own e-juice and you can’t clean it. The pod is designed to be disposed of and replaced with a fresh JUUL pod.

5- The battery limited warranty is only for one (1) from the date of retail purchase.

RUBI Vape Pen’s Best Features

KandyPens RUBI Kit

The best thing about the KandyPens RUBI is the fact that you can fill the pod with anything you like, such as – 

You can even fill it with your own homemade e-juice.

Filling the RUBI tank is easiest with bottles that have a needle-nose tip (like those from Vaporfi e-liquids), because the liquid fill-hole is quite tiny. Before filling the tank you have to pull out the little rubber stopper. After filling, you pop it back in.

Regarding the the interior workings of the RUBI pod, there’s a ceramic coil wrapped in Japanese cotton. The heating element is 1.6 ohm.

RUBI Vape Pod - best-e-cigarette-guide

The pods are easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. Just soak it in vinegar for 30min -2hrs, shaking regularly. You can also spot clean any leftover residue with a q-tip. Always remember to allow the pod to dry for at least 24 hours before you refill it.

The RUBI charges with a USB cord. The cord can be plugging into any USB outlet. That means you can vape while it’s charging. 

Most vaping devices come in lots of different colors, and the RUBI is true to form. It comes in 6 colors – Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Navy Blue, Gunmetal and Black.

RUBI also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Can the KandyPens RUBI Improve?

There isn’t a lot to fault with the RUBI, but if you lose the little flavor pod “stopper” you have to buy a whole new pod. 

The refillable pod doesn’t last forever!  In about 3 weeks of steady use, the atomizer will wear out and you’ll have to buy a fresh pod. 

Unlike the JUUL – tapping the battery does not display the charge level. Taking a puff will display the charge. White means fully charged

Red means battery is low or has no charge.

How Much do They Cost? (Please note prices can change without notice)

The RUBI Costs $49.95 and includes (1) empty pod. Extra pods are $9.95.

The JUUL Costs $49.99. The kit comes with 4 flavor pods; each a different flavor – Virginia Tobacco, Fruit Medley, Cool Mint and Creme Brulee. When you need refills you buy packs of prefilled pods in your flavor choice. They’re sold in packs of 4 and right now they cost $15.99 each. You can pay less using their Auto Ship Program.

Best-E-Eigarette-Guide Rating For the JUUL and the RUBI

I was a huge fan of JUUL until I discovered the RUBI, so I would give the RUBI 5 Stars and the JUUL 4.5 Stars. Our team here at best e-cigarette guide agrees.

I still have my JUUL vape days and I love the lighter design, but I think the RUBI wins out for giving me the option to choose my own e-liquids. I also think it’s amazing that the RUBI pod can take everything from e-liquids to oils. Larger ecigs require you use a specially designed cartridge.

Like the JUUL Vape Pod Pen?

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Like KandyPens RUBI Vape Pod Pen?

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