SMOK Nfix Pod Vape Kit Review + Setup Instructions

Last updated on September 19th, 2020

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The Nfix is a Lightweight Refillable Pod Vape That Lets You Adjust the Wattage From 1-25watts.

I recently tested the Nfix pod vape from SMOK. Designed to deliver full flavor and great vapor, this all-in-one, portable, refillable vape didn’t disappoint (on most counts). While not perfect, I was really impressed with several features rarely found on other ultra-portable vapes. 

Main Features of the SMOK Nfix Kit in a Nutshell:

Smok Nfix features-b&w graphic

Smok Nfix Features

1- The Nfix is a portable pod vape, yet this innovative device includes a 0.69-inch OLED screen where you can view important data and adjust the wattage of your vape from 1-25watts.  

2- The SMOK Nfix has a fast, Type-C charging system which is in a class of its own.

3- There’s a powerful built-in 700mAh battery, yet this Pod Vape weighs only 32 grams.

4- The Kit comes with two 0.8ohm Pods designed for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping. The pods can hold a whopping 3ml of e-juice.

Here’s What You Get in the Nfix Kit

SMOK Nfix kit Box and contents

SMOK Nfix Kit Box and Contents

My Nfix Kit came in a shrink-wrapped padded box which included the 700mAh battery, two 3mL 0.8ohm pods, the Type C charging cable, a user manual and a warranty card.

The dual mesh coils are built right into the pod. Although the specifications say the resistance range is 0.6 to 3.0ohm, to date, SMOK does not sell Nfix pods with resistance other than .08ohm, so that’s what you get.

Set Up Instructions For the SMOK Nfix Pod Vape Kit

When you receive your Nfix, the battery comes charged so you can start vaping pretty quickly. Here’s how to set it up properly for optimum enjoyment.

1 – Filling the Pod With the Best Type of E-Liquid

The first thing you’ll want to do is fill the pod with e-juice Any type will work, but you’ll get bigger clouds and more intense flavor using a high VG e-liquid. That’s because the pre-installed coils are .08ohm, and sub ohm coils always work best with high VG e-juice. 

Regular 50/50 e-liquids or nicotine salts will work fine, but vapor production will be slightly less efficient.

Learn more about how PG and VG can affect your vaping experience.

After removing the pod from the battery, open the silicone stopper on the side of the pod.

I was happy to see that the fill hole is a good size, so it’s unlikely to spill any liquid. After filling the pod, close the stopper and wait 2-3 minutes to allow the e-liquid to fully saturate the coil’s cotton. If you don’t wait, you’ll get a nasty burnt taste and ruin the coil (along with the pod).

Once you’ve filled and closed the pod, pop it onto the battery which connects it securely and magnetically.

It was interesting to learn that the pod is made with the tough plastic resin PCTG which makes your e-liquid amount easy to read. This type of plastic is also a safe option. It can withstand various chemicals and cleaning agents as well as high temperatures. It does not contain harmful BPAs. 

2 – Activating the SMOK Nfix

Woman's hand holding SMOK Nfix showing display

The SMOK Nfix has a detailed OLED display

Turn on the Nfix with 5 clicks of the power button. The OLED window shows you the wattage display, resistance display, voltage output, the amount of remaining charge and puff count display. NOTE: the resistance display won’t show the ohms until you take a puff.

3 – Setting the Wattage

When you see the display screen, press the power button 3 times. 

The screen with flash and you can increase the wattage by pressing the button. When you’ve reached your preferred wattage, just stop, and in 3 seconds the wattage shown will lock in place.

I recommend vaping at about 17-20 watts, but you can set it anywhere between 1-25 watts.

Is 25 Watts Enough for Big Clouds and Flavor?

Absolutely! Most vapers don’t even need that much to enjoy the Nfix. If you can keep the power under 20 watts, your battery will last longer.  

4 – Reading and Resetting the Puff Counter

Puff Counter shows you how may puffs you have taken. The counter will reset each time you turn off the device or take out the pod (even with the device on). Yes, it would be nice if you could remove the pod without resetting the counter, but that’s not an option.

When you take a puff, look at the display and it will show your puff amount on the lower right of the screen.

5 – About the Recharge Indicator 

The display will always show the amount of charge left in your battery. The Recharge Indicator appears when you have 36% left in your charge. This is a great feature assuring you won’t get any “low battery” warning.

With a powerful 700mAh rechargeable battery, and a Type-C interface charging system, you can expect the Nfix to recharge very quickly, especially if you recharge it before it depletes completely! How long will the battery hold a charge? That’s a trick question. Like all vapes, it really depends on your vaping style and how often you vape. 

That said, if you fully deplete the battery while using the vape, you’ll need to recharge it for 60 minutes to get a full charge.

Intelligent Atomizer Recognition?

As mentioned, the Nfix has a clear display screen which shows the watts, ohms, volts, battery charge and puff counter. Here are some details about the ohms.

SMOK has what they call an “intelligent atomizer recognition” feature. This means the Nfix will recognize whether the atomizer head is one that SMOK supports.

Remember, you have to take a puff before the Nfix gains intelligence and displays the .08ohm reading.

Other Features of the Nfix

Like all SMOK vaping devices the Nfix includes those important built-in safety features. There’s an 8 second cut off (so it will never overheat), short circuit protection and a low battery warning.

How Does it Vape?

Once your Nfix is turned on and set up, vaping is easy. You don’t have to push any buttons since the auto-draw feature activates when you take a puff.

Some vapers may find the draw a bit too loose. This is due to the air holes in the battery. If you prefer a tighter draw, just hold your finger(s) over one or both air holes. You can also use tape which is know to be an easy work-around.

I tested the Nfix with one of Vaporfi’s High VG Custom Blend e-liquids.

I wanted a fruity vape so I chose equal parts of Watermelon, Blueberry and Tropical. The flavor and vapor was awesome (even better when I covered up one of the air holes 😉

I love the large 3ml pod capacity. It’s more than twice the size of the SMOK MICO Portable Vape Pod and a third larger than the SMOK NOVO 2 which has a scant 2ml e-juice capacity.

I kept my wattage at 15watts and vaped my Nfix on and off throughout the day. The e-liquid lasted for at least 2.5 days.


SMOK’s newest all-in one pod vape – the Nfix will probably wind up as my go-to refillable vape. It’s lightweight and feels great in your hand. The pod holds a big 3ml of e-liquid, so I can go days without having to refill it. 

Battery life is great too thanks to the Type-C charger.

Lightweight and portable, this pod vape is unique in that it is (to date) the only vape in its class with an OLED window that has lots of features. Not only can you set your wattage from 1-25watts, it displays a handy puff counter, an ohm reader and a battery charge indicator.

Charging the device was very fast using the Type-C charger. 

Both flavor and vapor production were excellent, but you may find that the draw is a bit loose. That’s due to the battery’s air holes. Of course, you can tape over one or both of the battery air holes, but that’s like fixing a broken glasses frame with tape. Why ruin the design? It’s just as easy to cover the hole with your finger. I personally prefer a looser draw, even on a MTL vape.

The SMOK Nfix currently comes in 6 colors:

Smok Nfix colors

SMOK Nfix Colors

Black, Gunmetal, Red, Rainbox, Blue/Purple, Silver

The vape weighs only 32g and its thickness is a slim 13mm. The Nfix measures 110.5mm in height and 21.5 width.

Smok Nfix U.S. Edition Kit parts


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Have you tried the SMOK Nfix? We’d like to know what you think, so add your review to the comments below.

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