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Last updated on December 15th, 2018

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The SMOKE NORD – Vape Pod Pen and Mini Vaporizer Combined

I knew portable pod vapes were all the rage this year, with new styles emerging weekly, but the latest device, the Nord designed by SMOK is very different. It’s a hybrid device with more features than your basic, easy-to-use, lightweight vape pod mod. The SMOK Nord combines portability with versatility. SMOK has actually created a whole new category of lightweight vape pens – the ultra portable vaporizer with a pod.

A Step Up From the SMOK NOVO

SMOK loves to imitate itself. The company has several closed system pod vape devices that are similar in style and price. It makes you wonder why they continue to sell both models. The SMOK FIT and the Infinix are an example.

The new SMOK Nord looks almost exactly like its little brother, the Novo. Both devices even come in the same 6 colors, each with the cobra design – but the Nord has several new features. 

SMOK NOVO in black next to SMOK NORD in yellow

SMOK Novo and Smok Nord

Visual Look and Feel of the New SMOK NORD

Side by side you can see that the Nord looks very much the same as the Novo, except it’s a tiny bit bigger.

The Nord’s dimensions are
94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm or  3.7″ x 1.18 x .74″.

There’s the comfortable, curved mouthpiece not found in most SMOK products, (or other pod vape pens for that matter). 

The Nord also includes a button-activated firing system, but it still qualifies as an ultra lightweight, very portable vape pod mod, weighing only 80 grams or just under 3 oz.

Step Up With New Power Features

The biggest difference with the SMOK Nord is that the battery is a powerful 1100mAh, and the pod holds 3ml of ejuice. 

That translates into the Nord giving you well over a day’s worth of vaping before you have to recharge. It also means bigger clouds, even when using the ceramic 1.4ohm regular coil.

Yes, the big step up with the Nord is that it’s made for BOTH MTL (mouth to lung) AND subohm vaping…practically unheard of for a vape pod mod.

Two Replaceable Atomizers Included in the Starter Kit

SMOK NORD coils in regular and subohm mesh

Unique to this smartly styled ultra portable vape is that the atomizer coils are not built into the pod. They come separately; in fact, you get 1 – 0.6ohm mesh coil for sub ohm vaping and 1 – 1.4ohm coil for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping.

Learn About Another Mouth-to-Lung Vaporizer

While you do get 2 atomizers with the Nord, there’s only one pod in the kit. 

That means if you want to use a different e-juice flavor with the Nord, you really need to buy another pod pack or you’ll get flavor ghosting. A three pack currently costs $7.95 and it’s worth the investment. When you consider the extravagant costs of pre-filled pods, buying and filling your own pods is worth the cost and the effort.

Other Features of the Nord I Like

I have to say one of the downsides to the older Novo was that fact that it didn’t have a battery charge indicator. Not so with the Nord. It’s designed with an easy to read rectangular button/light. Press it twice to see how much power is left in your battery. It displays green for full power, yellow for medium power and red for “hey, it’s finally time to charge the battery”.

Safety Features in the SMOK NORD

smoke nord safety features shown with yellow device

A big criteria we have for rating a vaping device is whether it has adequate safety features. The SMOK Nord gains points in that regard. Here’s what’s built-in the Nord:

  • Lithium Battery Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 8 second Cut-off
  • Low Voltage Protection

SMOK NORD Basic Tutorial

SMOK Nord vape pen box on colorful background

smok nord certification code on box

The Nord Kit comes in a shrink-wrapped box and all parts are nestled nicely in foam padded compartments. On the side of the box look for the laser sticker near the top of the box which verifies the product is genuine and not a clone.

The device comes charged, but I always recommend charging a new device for about a half hour when you first get it.

Before you start filling the pod, decide whether you want to vape with the 1.4ohm atomizer (installed) or the 0.6 (subohm) mesh coil atomizer. As mentioned earlier, you’ll get slightly bigger clouds and fuller flavor with the subohm coil, but for best results, you’ll need to fill the tank with a high VG e-liquid.

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You can also use a high nicotine “nicotine salt” e-liquid with the standard atomizer (not the subOhm atomizer). The Naked100 nic salt bottle shown here has that warning on the label. 

nicotine salt eliquid lable

Using nic salts lets you use a high nicotine level without getting a harsh vape. Just make sure your e-juice VG blend is more than 50% when vaping with the subohm mesh coil.

You should also know that subohm coils will deplete your pod’s eliquid faster than standard ohm coils.

Filling the Pod

If you have fingernail tips, opening the pod is easy. If you don’t, use a letter opener, paper clip or something pointy that will lift the lid without damaging the rubber.

Some people like to use an e-liquid injection bottle that has a handy slim tip, (shown above); however it’s not necessary with the Nord. I was pleased that the fill hole is bigger than most other vape pods. I use mostly Vaporfi’s e-liquids because the bottles come with needle-nose tips that make filling pods a breeze.

Once the pod is filled, wait a few minutes for the atomizer cotton to absorb the e-liquid. Do this every time you use a new atomizer. As an alternative, you can add 2 drops to the cotton tip side of the coil before you install it.

Rating the SMOK NORD

SMOK NORD vape pen in 6 colors

We give the SMOK NORD a 9.8 rating for the following reasons:


  • This Pod Vape Pen comes with 2 replaceable atomizers designed for 2 different vaping experience.
  • It has a powerful 1100mAh battery.
  • The pod holds a good amount of e-liquid.
  • There’s an activation button that doubles as a battery life indicator.


  • Even at the discount price of $32.99, the Nord is a bit more costly than other pod vapes, (but it’s still far more economical than the JUUL).
  • It can be a bit difficult to open the pod stopper.

Wrapping Up the SMOK Nord Review

While we still like convenience and portability of the smaller Novo pod vape, we think the SMOK Nord’s unique design, combining a vape pod pen with a sophisticated vaporizer is groundbreaking. If you want the vapor and full flavor of a subohm, or MTL device, but don’t want to carry a heavy vaporizer, the Nord is a great choice.

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If you’ve tried the SMOK NORD let us know what you think by commenting!

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    • Anno on January 9, 2019 at 9:52 pm
    • Reply

    I recently bought the nord and upgraded from the novo I have own many vapes ranging from the small e-cig ones to the massive mods. The nord in my opinion is by far the best with the option to use regular vape juice or salts I couldn’t be happier not to mention the longer lasting battery and decent hits smok made the perfect vape for my need. Highly recommend!

    • Alex Montressor on January 5, 2019 at 2:05 pm
    • Reply

    I recently switched to the Nord after having two different Renova Zeros.

    The Zero is a nice little pod mod and is very simple to set up, however, it has a small 650 mAh battery and to get a decent amount of vapor, you have to suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

    I appreciate the somewhat larger form factor – makes it a lot harder to drop.

    I like the design of the mouthpiece much better as well.

    I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid product that isn’t an entry level device.

    1. I’ve never tried the Zero, but I’m also very pleased with the Nord and all its options. Thanks for you feedback!

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