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Last updated on August 8th, 2020

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What is the SMOK RPM80 Pro Starter Kit?

The SMOK RPM80 Pro is an easy-to-use, refillable Pod Vape Mod that has customizable settings. For example, you can adjust the wattage of your vape and change the screen design via a 1” OLED Screen. 

Designed primarily, but not exclusively for subohm vaping, the SMOK RPM80 Pro Vape Pod gives you huge vapor clouds and delivers a full and satisfying flavor.

Unlike most other POD Mods from SMOK, (including its predecessor the SMOK RPM 40), the RPM 80 Pro Kit takes a powerful 18650 external, rechargeable battery. That means you can get up to 80 watts of power.

In This Post You’ll Discover:

  • What is included in the kit 
  • Reasons why you may like it or dislike it
  • Differences between the two Pods
  • Helpful set-up instructions


What’s In the SMOK RPM80 Pro Kit?


SMOK RPM 80Pro Kit in Box

This portable Pod Vape has relatively few parts. They all come packaged in a sealed, padded slide-open box. Some may find the slide box a bit difficult to open, but stronger, larger hands will have no trouble.

The only thing not included in the kit is the single 18650mAh battery, but you can purchase it easily when you place your order.

The Kit Comes With: 

  • The RPM80 Device
  • An RPM80 RPM Pod with a .4ohm mesh coil pre-installed
  • An RPM80 RGC Pod, with a 0.17ohm Conical Mesh Coil pre-installed. (This Pod is compatible with all RPM40 Coils).
  • Of course, you also get a USB Charger Cable and a User Manual.

The Pod Vape is very versatile. Having 2 Pods means you can easily switch to vaping a different e-liquid without having to refill the pod. 

The RPM 80 Pro At A Glance:

– You get two pods and two coils, both with magnetic connections
– The 80Pro gives you power as high as 80watts
– There’s no spit-back or leaking
– The device has lots of safety features

– Pods Are Not Compatible with Nic Salts.
– 50/50 VG/PG E-Liquids do not work with the coils included in the starter kit.
– The external battery needed for the RPM80 Pro is not included in the kit


RPM80 Pro Features Diagram

Less complicated than the SMOK Morph, sleeker than the SMOK MICO, the RPM 80Pro pod vape is a game-changer.

With a user-friendly OLED screen, this high-styled Mod is simple enough for even beginner vapers.

It was great to test the SMOK RMP80 Pro Starter Kit. (Much thanks to International Vapor for that). I found the customizing screen to be pretty simple, but this post’s step by step guide makes it even easier to set up and fine tune your vape. 

I’ve reviewed many of pod vapes, but I’m always excited to try out the latest from SMOKTECH. The company has been on the cutting edge of the vaping industry since 2010 and has always been focused on product quality and safety. Every new product introduces yet another vaping innovation and the RPM80 Pro is right on track. One thing that’s consistent is that each new device is beautifully designed.

Knockout Design and Styling

SMOK has a great reputation for designing mods, but the RPM 80 Pro is not only sturdy, sleek and portable, it’s visually stunning.

The face of the mod is covered with SMOK’s signature smooth resin panels. Available in six colors –  some swirling, some subdued, they are all very attractive.

SMOK’s panel designs are now a company trademark. You’ll see similar choices on the NORD and NOVO pod vape,

Unique to the RPM80 Pro is that the kit includes 2 clearly visible, 5ml pods. This is currently the only slim-styled SMOK pod mod where the pod is not set into the battery, so you can always see how much e-liquid remains. 

The pods connect magnetically so it’s easy to load your e-juice and to change the coil when necessary.

The RPM 80 Pro has several built-in safety features, including:

  • Low Battery Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • 10S Cut-Off Protection
  • Over-heating Protection
  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognization


How Big is the Smok RPM 80 Pro?

The RPM80 Pro feels comfortable in your hand, but it is one of the largest Pod Vapes on the market to date.

Although it is relatively lightweight at 97.3 grams (3.4oz.) the dimensions are average size for this type of vape….  118mm (4″) high, 26mm (1″) wide, and 31.5mm (1.2 “) thick.

Setting Up the RPM 80 Pro

The RPM 80 Pro takes a single 18650 battery. Slide open the battery door at the bottom of the vape and insert the battery, making sure the contact end goes in first. Close the door. As mentioned, you will need to purchase the battery when you place your order, as it is not included in the kit.

What’s the Main Difference Between the RPM Pod and the RGC Pod?  

RPM and RGC pods

RPM and RGC pods

The RPM Pod and the RGC pod both have a .4 oHm 5ml e-liquid capacity, but the RPM Pod is compatible with all of Smok’s RPM40 Coils. That’s helpful if you prefer a higher or lower oHm resistance. 

The RGC Pod has an adjustable airflow ring – a first for Smok! It’s the easiest way to recognize this pod, although both pods can also be distinguished by the raised lettering on the top of each one.

The RGC Pod comes with the RGC Conical Mesh 0.17ohm coil and supports power up to 80watts. This coil can give you a smoother, more flavorful vape. In addition, you’ll be able to vape longer before you need to buy additional coils.

All coils simply pop into the bottom of the Pod and are held magnetically.

Just lift the silicone stopper and drip your juice into the pod. The pod clicks onto the battery magnetically and securely.

What Kind of Juices Should You Use?

The type of e-liquid you use is directly related to the Pod you choose! This may be the most complicated thing about this RPM 80Pro.

Both the RGC and RPM Pod have subohm coils pre-loaded. That means you should use a high VG e-juice with these coils. I don’t recommend regular e-juices or CBD e-liquids using the pre-installed coils because subohm coils are made for high VG e-juice.

If you prefer nic salts, stick to SMOK’s NOVO 2 or NORD models.

If you want to use regular 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids, choose the RPM Pod. This pod is compatible with all Smok RPM coils.  

They range in resistance from 0.3 to 2.5ohm. Regular e-juices work best with an RPM coil that is above .0 ohm.

If you want to use High VG e-liquids, choose either Pod and use it with a Smok RPM subohm coil.

Check out Vaporfi’s safety-tested e-juices for both regular and high VG e-liquids.  

Once you’ve selected your preferred pod from the kit, open the silicone stopper and fill the tank with your e-liquid, making sure you do not overfill it. Close the stopper and connect the pod to the Mod. It will snap on magnetically.

Give the e-liquid a few minutes to absorb into the coil. When it’s ready, turn on the Mod by clicking the activation button 5 times. This will activate the OLED display so you can set your preferred wattage.

About the Touchscreen


SMOK RPM80 Pro Touchscreen

When you first start up the device you’ll notice that the ability to adjust the wattage is locked. To unlock it, just press the power button 3 times. Wattage is adjusted using the UP and Down buttons just above the USB port. Nothing complicated in that regard.

Locking in Your Wattage + Final Adjustments

When you have set your preferred wattage, simply click 3 times on the Power Button. Most people prefer a wattage of around 60. I recommend starting at 40Ws and working your way up (or down) from there. 

If you are using the RGC pod, you can adjust the airflow ring at the base of the pod. This affects the coolness (and tightness) of the draw.

In any case, you can expect getting massive vapor clouds even at lower wattages.

Want to Change the Colors On the OLED Screen?

Just press the Power and Plus Button at the same time. You get 6 color choices, white, red, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Charging the Device

You don’t have to remove the battery to charge it. Just use the micro USB charger. Despite the small USB size, the battery charges quickly. 

How Does It Vape?

The battery has Dual airflow slots giving you a smooth vape that’s never harsh.

When I tested the RPM Pod with the installed .17ohm coil at 60watts of power using a Vaporfi high VG e-juice, I got HUGE vapor clouds and rich flavor. Frankly, you really don’t need more power unless you like a very warm throat hit. The Mod can be cranked up to 80Watts without any dry hits. 

I also tested the RPM pod with a Smok RPM40 1.2ohm coil and a 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid. Although the vapor and flavor was not as intense, vapor was substantial and flavor was very satisfying. 


If you’re looking for a compact, easy-to-use yet Powerful Pod Vape with a refillable pod rather than a tank, you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t. If you love vaping flavored e-liquids and want the ease and portability of a pod vape, the SMOK’s RPM 80 Pro is a winner. It has loads of safety features and is also reasonably priced. What’s more, there are no FDA regulations on refillable pods, so no worries in that department.

The Kit comes with 2 pods and 2 sub ohm coils, but the pods are quite versatile. Between the two, you’ll get the option to use either RGC or RPM coils to fine-tune your vape.  

I do like the fact that you can see how much juice is left in the pods. Many pod vapes, even SMOK’s NOVO 2 is a bit hard to read.

Small downsides are the external battery that must be purchased separately. Also, if you prefer higher ohm vaping, you’ll have to purchase Smok RPM40 Replacement Vape Coils.

I found the flavor and vapor production to be excellent; in fact, it’s on par with several more advanced devices, yet this device is sold at a lower cost.

Have you tried the RPM80 Pro? We’d love to post your review, so feel free to comment below!

BECG Rating for the SMOK RPM80 Pro 

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