Top 5 Mini Mod Vaporizers Buying Guide

Last updated on May 15th, 2019

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Top 5 Mini Mod Vaporizers in Colors


Box mod vaporizers have become very popular because they deliver exceptional vapor and excellent flavor. They also give vapers the option to set their own wattage and/or voltage, fine-tuning the intensity of their vape. Many even have temperature control (TC) features and adjustable air holes.

Small Box….BIG Vapor!

As weight and portability become a more sought-after feature, mod-style vaporizers are now available in smaller sizes. Better known as “mini mods”, some are so small and lightweight, they can easily and comfortably fit in your pocket or purse.

Ask yourself…Do you really need a big, high watt vape mod?  The fact is that most vapers, even those that buy mods delivering 400 watts, rarely crank it up past the 200 mark! That’s because it doesn’t take much to deliver full flavor and big clouds of vapor.

A well-made, little 25-200 watt box mod is usually priced affordably and can be easy to use.

We tested many models of mini mod vaporizers and found several that meet the criteria of a well-made mod vaporizer at a great price. These include those made for all vaping levels.

Here’s our guide to the five best mini mods along with links to the companies that will guarantee your mod works as it should, or you’ll get a refund.


1- SMOK G-PRIV Baby Luxe Edition Vape Starter Kit

SMOK G-Priv Baby Luxe mini vape mod in 6 colors

There are many outstanding features in this tiny sized vaporizer. For starters, it’s lightweight and very portable – only 72mm by 51mm by 29.2mm. In inches that’s 2.83 tall x 2 wide x 1.14 deep.

The mini device’s 9 color choices are quite vibrant and the design is dynamic. 

I’m not a big fan of button modes on vaporizers. The big plus with the G-PRIV Baby Luxe is that it has a colorful HD touchscreen, so you can easily set wattage within a range of 1W to 85W and set resistance without pushing any buttons.

You can use the screen to adjust temperature control too – within a rage of 200°F – 600°F. It also has preheat capability.

Another plus is the TFV12 Baby Prince Tank which is included in the kit. This is an upgrade from the original TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. It holds 4ml of e-juice and has an adjustable airflow system.

The tank comes with 1 V8 Baby Q4 0.4 ohm coil (Preinstalled) and 1 V8 Baby Q2 0.4 ohm coil.

This mini mod requires 1 x 18650 High Drain Battery (not included, but you can order it for $7.95)

About the New Coils:

One of most innovative aspects of this vaporizer are the newly designed V8 Baby Coils.

Some of the new coils offered for the SMOK G-PRIV Baby Luxe really shine. I say this because the system includes Baby-T12 Light Up Coils that actually illuminate in different colors.

The colors are also distinctly shown on each atomizer… a big plus for vapers tired of trying to read the tiny ohm resistance lettering on the atomizer. Thank you SMOK.

You can use dual coil or quadruple coils varying from 65 to 80 watts of vaping power. The coils are even compatible with the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank.

Currently the SMOK G-PRIV Baby Luxe Edition Vape Starter Kit is selling for $59.95 plus Free Shipping at discount seller DirectVapor. We’ve seen it sold on other sites for $89.99.

Cool Features We Like:

  • 2″ Colorful HD Touchscreen
  • Virtual Up and Down Adjustment Buttons
  • Vibrant Display Resolution
  • Atomizer Coil Ohms Are Displayed Clearly


If you like it too, use my coupon link for an automatic 5% discount.


2- VOOPOO Drag Mini 117W Vape Starter Kit w/ Uforce T2 Vape Tank 

VOOPOO Drag Mini 117W in 8 colors

We were really impressed with the beautiful design of the VOOPOO Drag Mini 117W Vape Starter Kit. The unique resign color plate comes in 8 stunning colors. Even the mouthpiece matches.

Size-wise the mod measures 81.5mm by 48.5mm by 25.5mm. That’s 3.20″ tall X 1.90″ wide X .98″ deep. Compared to the SMOK G-PRIV, it’s a bit taller but has a slimmer profile.

The 4400 mAh battery is built into the mod so charging is easy using the USB cable included in the kit.

Unique to the Drag mod is the GENE FIT chip which provides 117 watts of TC capable power. Not only will you get full flavor and big clouds of vapor, when you press the activation button and draw, the delivery is faster than other mods in its class.

The Voopoo Drag Mini Tank

The mod’s Uforce T2tank style is uniquely shaped. It’s wider in the middle – not really an advantage as to how it vapes, but it give the mod a shorter profile.

Two glass tanks are included in the kit which is a plus if you need to clean one. I always do, if I change e-liquid flavor.

There’s a slide top-fill design (which can be a bit stiff to open) and an 8mL maximum juice reservoir. At the bottom of the tank is a triple-slotted airflow dial so you can adjust your vapor draw.

Atomizer Coil Heads

The UFORCE P2 0.4 ohm coil head is pre-installed and can be used for lower wattages of 40-80W. For higher wattages, (65-100W) use the 0.2ohm N3 Triple Mesh Coil included in the kit.

You do have the option to set the mod in different modes which are detailed in the user manual. The most basic, (and easiest mode) is the “FIT” mode. It will intelligently detect the Uforce coil currently installed and it will recommend preset power settings.

Like all the mini mod vaporizers recommended on this page, the UFORCE P2 has many safety features including over-temperature and short-circuit protection.

Best Features Are:

  • Stunning design and color options
  • GENE FIT chip means great power, a no brainer “FIT” mode, and a really fast draw.

At the time of this posting, the VOOPOO Drag Mini 117W Vape Starter Kit w/ Uforce T2 Vape Tank sells for $79.95 with Free Shipping. It’s the lowest price you’ll find for a genuine VOOPOO.

If you like it, use my coupon for an automatic 5% discount.


3 – Kanger Subox Mini-C

Kanger Subox Mini-C in 3 colors

This little vaporizer, made by reliable vape manufacturer Kanger, is truly a mini mod. Very compact, the Subox Mini-C measures only 3.75″ x 1.5″ x 7/8″ making it travel friendly and very discreet.

Yes, it is small, but it delivers up to 50 Watts of power and gives you lovely clouds and full flavor.

What I like best is that there’s no complicated coil configuration that has to be adjusted within the display. It’s also why this model is great for beginner vapers who want to try sub ohm vaping.

The Mini-C isn’t fancy. It comes in three basic colors – black, white and stainless steel.

The e-liquid tank has a nice cup design that holds 3.0mls of e-liquid. Adjust your airflow to suit your draw preference with the airflow dial beneath the tank.

There’s not much more to say about this super easy mini mod except that it is priced very affordably. The kit has everything you need to vape, except for the 18650 battery,.. but it’s easy to add it on to your purchase and it’s only $7.95.

Of course, there are built in safety features including short circuit protection and over use protection.

The kit includes the KBOX Mini-C Mod, the Subank Mini-C tank, a 0.5ohm atomizer head, and a USB charger cable.

Best Features Are

  • Small size, big flavor
  • Very easy to use, no dials or buttons to set special modes
  • Great price


Right now, the Kanger Subox Mini-C is only $33.95 at Vaporfi with Free Shipping.


buy it now

Note: Expect a lower price if there’s a sale


4- Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 25

Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 25W in 6 colors

If you’re look for a mini mod vaporizer that has a record for great performance and is reasonably priced, consider the Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 25W. This baby mod doesn’t have as much power as the others I’ve listed so far, – just 25 watts, but it gives me very good vapor and this kit has all the parts you need to vape. That includes the mod, the tank, two .07ohm atomizer coils, the USB charging cable, AND a 1050mAh battery built right into the mod.

If the power is a bit limited, the color choices are not. Choose from Black, Red, Blue, Purple or Silver.

Another excellent choice for beginners, I like the Pico Baby 25 mod because there’s nothing to program and everything is installed. It’s great for travel too because it weighs next to nothing and has a threaded lock system. No chance of accidental firing.

The dimensions are a petite 41mm x 23mm x 58mm (1.61″ x .90 x 2.28). This is actually is the smallest mini mod on our 5 best list.

About the Tank

This kit includes an Eleaf GS Baby vape tank which holds up to 1.8mL of e-liquid. You fill the tank from the bottom, so you have to remove it from the battery and turn it upside down.

As you vape, you can refer to the e-liquid window on the front of the mod which clearly shows you how much juice is left in the tank.

Best Features Are

  • Small size
  • Nice color selection
  • Easy to use
  • Very portable and discreet
  • Low price


Right now the Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 25 is available for $32.95 with Free Shipping.

buy it now

Note: Expect a lower price if there’s a sale


5- Vaporesso Swag Starter Kit 

Vaporesso Swag-Halo in 4 colors



Another great mini mod vaporizer is Vaporesso’s Swag. The reason it’s on our list is that Vaporesso’s quality control is excellent and we rarely have issues when testing their products. Not only that; reviews for this mini mod are positive amongst vapers across the web.

Despite the corny name, the Swag has a wattage range that goes from a low of 5W to 80W. It also offers variable TC (temperature control) so there’s no chance your vape will get too hot. Nor will you burn your coils.

80 watts of power also means big clouds for a tiny vaporizer. It also means the battery will hold a charge longer than mods with lower wattages.

Size-wise, the Swag is 75mm x 48mm x 25mm or in inches, 2.9 x 1.88 x .98. It’s small, but it feels solid.

The mod comes in 5 colors – Red, Black, Steel, Blue and Gold.

The Vaporesso Swag kit is complete, except for the battery which you have to purchase separately. That’s one of the downsides with mini mods that have more control features.

That said, the Swag does offer a very large selection of vaping modes. Settings include variable wattage, TC, and Smart Modes – great features for advanced (or more adventurous) vapers. Expect to take a day or two to learn menu operation, but the little OLED display screen is easy to read.

About the Tank and Atomizer Coils

You may not get a battery with the kit, but you will get an extra pyrex glass tube. That’s handy if you break the first one.

The tank fills easily from the top and it has a nice twist off lid. Expect to fill the tank more often than you would with larger tanks since this is a sub ohm vaporizer and the tank only holds 3ml of e-juice.

Read more about Sub Ohm Vaping

The Swag tank is known not to leak which is always nice to hear. It has the adjustable airflow dial too.

The kit comes with one .05ohm GT2 Core atomizer installed and you also get an extra coil at .4 ohm.

Best Features Are

  • Very solid and reliable
  • Fills easily
  • Lots of settings available


At this time the Vaporesso Swag is selling for $45.99 plus shipping at Halo Cigs.

buy it now

Note: Expect a lower price if there’s a sale


Wrapping up our Top 5 Mini Mod Vaporizers Buying Guide

Here are the Prices and Best Features:

1- SMOK G-PRIV Baby Luxe Edition Vape Starter Kit – Lowest Price $59.95 + free shipping

  • 2″ Colorful HD Touchscreen
  • Atomizer coil ohms are displayed by color


2- VOOPOO Drag Mini 117W Vape Starter Kit w/ Uforce T2 Vape Tank – Lowest Price $79.95 + free shipping.

  • Stunning design and color options
  • GENE FIT chip gives you and easy to operare “FIT” mode and a really fast draw.


3- Kanger Subox Mini-C – Lowest Price $33.95 with Free Shipping.

  • Very easy to use, no dials or buttons to set special modes
  • Great price


4- Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 25 – Lowest Price $32.95 with Free Shipping

  • Smallest mini mod on our list
  • Easy to use,
  • Low price


5- Vaporesso Swag Starter Kit Lowest Price $45.99.

  • Very reliable
  • Fills easily
  • Advanced settings option
  • To qualify for Free Shipping, add on the $8 battery


Mini Mod Vaporizers can be handy if you travel and don’t have a disposable e-ecig.

Do you have a favorite Mini Mod Vaporizer? We weclome your comments!

Have a photo of yourself vaping any of the devices featured in this post? Sent it to me along with your first name and age and we’ll post it on our upcoming vaper’s gallery.

Looking for a smaller vaporizer? Check out the new SMOK Nord Pod Vape!


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