V2 Pro Series – Innovative Design Takes Vaping to the Next Level

Last updated on July 15th, 2018

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V2Cig Pro Series 3 and Series 7 – Vape Leaves, Wax and Oils As Well As Eliquid! 

V2 Pro Series 3 and Series 7


E-Cigarette innovator V2Cigs continues to impress. They’re one of the largest retailers of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers on the Internet, and now V2 has a full line of e-cigarette styles including the Pro Series which allow for lots of options. You can even vape herbs and wax.

V2’s Unique Options for Every Type of Vaper

There’s something for every vaper in the Pro Series line. There’s even a unique feature that’s sure to enroll even the most die-hard tobacco smoker and the millions of people who fire up loose leaves of any kind. Inhaling any type of smoke by combustion (flame) creates toxic fumes that you inhale. 

The Pro Series has specialized clear cartridges that warm up tobacco, pipe tobacco or any type of herbs (including marijuana) to create clouds of vapor. You can also vape essential oils, wax, gels and similar concentrates with the Pro Series Wax Cartridge. The tank simply adjusts the heat of your wax or oil to create the vapor. Forget burning leaf throat burn and harmful combustion using these cartridges.

The wax cartridge is somewhat different from the e-liquid and loose leaf cartridge in that it doesn’t have a wick and you use a pick tool to make a hole in the wax or gel down to the bottom coil. 

Incredible, Innovative Design

The Pro Series 3 and 7 is a strong competitor with other vaporizers in its class in terms versatility, value and innovation.

I’ve always been a huge fan of V2 and although I regularly vape their stunning, slim Ex Blank Series. I have to admit, the Pro Series 3 and 7 Series vaporizers surpass even the popular Triton Tank System from HaloCigs for ease of use and vape satisfaction.

Don’t expect to screw on the vape tank because there’s no threading at all. The Pro Series is designed with magnetic technology to resist breakage and leaking. You just drop it into the top of the vaporizer. The charger is also magnetic and unique to the series, so there’s no chance of using an incompatible charger that can damage your battery. As a design professional, I admit it’s really quite brilliant. 

The flat activation button and low profile tip makes for a stunning, sleek look and there are three metallic style colors from which to choose – black, blue and steel.

NEW! The V2 Pro Pods are the newest edition to the Pro Series vaporizers. You might say they are the modern, intermediate version of the cigalike cartridge, designed to deliver e-liquid vapor. V2 disposable cartridges Here are the features:

  • Longer-lasting and lower cost per puff than V2 Classic
  • Choose from V2 Rd, Shara, Congress & V2 Menthol
  • 5 Levels of Nicotine
  • Disposable pods are ideal for vaping on-the-go
  • Produces rich, thick clouds of satisfying vapor
  • Compatible with V2 Pro Series 3, 3X & Series 7 (with adaper)


Serious Power

The Series 3 battery is 650 mAh which really holds a decent charge, and the 1.6 ml e-liquid cartridge is so efficient, I took about 800 puffs before I needed a refill. 

This kit comes with one battery, one e-liquid cartridge and the magnetic USB charger. The Loose Leaf cartridge is sold separately as are V2s outstanding e-liquids. 

I tested my Series 3 with one of V2s newest e-liquid flavors, Vape Bartender Fruit Tingle and have to say it was not only satisfying with huge clouds of vapor, the low profile mouthpiece was super comfortable.

The new Loose Leaf cartridge gently warms leaves – either herbs, flowers or tobacco in less than half a minute and to just the right temperature to produce full non-combustable vapor. 

Some e-cigarette products have a lot of bells and whistles to create greater vapor clouds and flavor, but they can get complicated.  If you want your ecig to offer more options and a clean design I recommend V2’s Pro Series. The Series 3 atomizer resistance is a cool 2.9 ohm so I got a nice throat hit without any burn. The Series 7 gives you even fuller clouds of vapor.

Safe To Be Sure

I should add that all V2cigs products are all safety tested under strict supervision and their e-liquids are some of the best and purest you can buy. 

The ecig market is flooded with all kinds of vaporizers but the cream of the crop rises to the top. After testing V2’s Pro3 and Pro7, I can say these sleek modern vaporizers do just that. 

My rating for the V2 Pro Series  is 9.8. The minor downside is that if you want to take advantage of the unique Loose Leave cartridge, you have to add it to the Pro Series 3 kit.

The Series 7 already includes the loose leaf/herb cartridge. Wax cartridges, or a second battery, must be purchase separately for both kits.  Still, both kits are priced fairly. See all the specs below and get up to date pricing on the V2 site under the “vape pens” tab.



V2 Pro Series 3 and Series 7 Vaporizer

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