V2Cigs New Long Lasting Ex Cartridge Review

Last updated on July 26th, 2018

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V2Cigs Ex CartridgesInnovative ECig Cartridge With Exceptional Longevity

We were thrilled when V2Cigs asked Best E-Cigarette Guide to be one of the first websites to rate and review their Ex Cartridges. V2Cigs has always been at the very top of our rating list because of their high quality e-cigarette products. This time they have gone over the top, rounding out their product lineup with a long lasting cartridge that’s second to none.

Unprecedented Ex Cartridge

V2Cigs Ex Cartridges differ from their regular ecig cartridges in that they last so long. They’re also innovative in that they do not contain any foam or cotton which can quickly dry out your e-liquid. Not only can you can vape longer, your flavors won’t taste burnt when the e-liquid diminishes.

V2Cigs Ex Cartridge windowYou can also see how much ejuice is left in your Ex Cartridge because there’s a nice little window that displays the liquid. I’ve never seen that feature in a standard ecig cartridge or Cartomizer. Sure, you can see your ejuice in another company’s Clearomizer Tank, or even a V2Cigs Ex Blank Cartridge, but they can be tricky to fill and even harder to clean and maintain. Tank systems, or second generation ecigs have their advantanges, but they add bulk and weight to your ecig while the Ex Series line is super slim.

A Perfect Fit

V2Cigs Ex Cartridges fit all of V2’s batteries but they work best (in my opinion) with the slim styled Ex Batteries. The streamlined design is classic and elegant. The cartridges have a tight seal too so you won’t experience any leaking while vaping. 

One thing you may find with these cartridges is that it feels a bit hotter than other carts. Perhaps it’s the window, or perhaps it’s just due to the design.

V2Cigs E-Liquids and Vapor Volume

I’m a big fan of V2Cigs e-liquids as they always taste like the name indicates; they’re never harsh and they give you great vapor. Combined with the Ex Cartridge I found vapor production was even more voluminous. I have to add that there’s no “priming” necessary with these carts. You get great vapor right from the first puff.

Vape Longer, Save Money

A full Ex Cartridge lasted for hours..over 400 puffs which is double the puffs you get in most ecig cartridges and Cartomizers. Of course there’s a greater cost savings too. A five pack of Ex Cartridges is $14.95. That’s should give you about the same amount of puffs you’d get in about 5 packs of regular cigarettes.

Marry it with one of V2’s Ex Batteries and you’ll go for days without having to recharge or refill.

I’d give the V2Cigs new Ex Cartridges a 10 rating but since I’m still a big fan of their stunning Ex Blank Tanks (which also don’t add bulk to your ecig profile) I’ll give them a 9.8 🙂


  • Long lasting Cartridges
  • No burnt taste
  • Great flavors
  • E-Juice Window
  • Full Vapor
  • No Leaking



  • Cartridges feel hotter than V2Cigs regular Cartridges


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V2cigs Ex Series Starter kit

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    • maiteh on December 8, 2014 at 5:40 pm
    • Reply

    To be honest I’m disappointed by the Ex Series.
    I’ve ordered the Red, Savannah, Congress an mint thea.
    Red and Savannah had a very heavy taste none like tobacco. The taste of the red cartridge can be compared a little bit, in my opinion, with chocolate. And the savannah was quite the same but softer.
    The mint thea had a extremely heavy menthol taste but really extreme, and I didn’t taste any “tea” ….
    I had the congress flavour before with the normal V2 cartridges, and also in e e-liquid and it tastes good. But with these Ex cartridge it had quite a plastic flavour.

    Also it says it has double the puffs of the normal cartridges, but I had the feeling that the puffs were about the same or even less.

    1. Thanks for sharing your review of the Ex Cartridge! If you enjoyed V2’s Congress eliquid, they do have a cool little EX Blank cartomizer that holds eliquids and it’s a great option if you like to fill your own. Of course you can also fill it with any eliquid you like from any company. Happy vaping!

        • maiteh on December 16, 2014 at 7:34 pm
        • Reply

        Thank you ! I now have some EX blanks, and I’m very happy with them! I like it much more than the prefilled ex cartomizers.
        Which e-liquid do you prefer ? (from which company), I maybe wanted to try some of Halo.

        1. Thanks Maiteh. I love the EX blanks and I agree, they are better than prefilled carts. My favorite e-liquids are from Virgin Vapor or Mt. Baker Vapor!

          I also like Halo’s Shamrock which tastes like a Peppermint Patty.

          One bit of advice. The EX blanks work best with a 50/50 PG/VG eliquid blend. Mostly VG is quite thick and the EX blanks are really slim.

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