VaporFi VOX II MOD Starter Kit – Performance and Protection in a High Powered Vaporizer

Last updated on January 7th, 2018

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VaporFi VOXII MOD Vaporizer



I’ve been a fan of VaporFi eVapor products for some time now and I particularly admire the fact that the company keeps up with product improvements and e-cigarette safety.

With the introduction of their VOXII MOD Kit, VaporFi has joined the ranks of the best producers of high powered vaporizers. The new and improved version of their original VOX 50 MOD is truly a “game changer”, incorporating power, performance and outstanding protection features that can prevent damage and injury. 

The VOXII Starter Kit – A Nice Fit for Intermediate and Advanced Vapers

VaporFi’s ads for the VOX made me think it was strictly for advanced vapers; those who love to experiment with variable voltage, wattage and Ohm resistance levels to perfect their vaping experience. Not so. If you’re seeking deeply satisfying flavor and full vapor production, the simplicity of the VOXII Kit combined with the safety features make it a great choice for both intermediate as well as advanced vapers.

VaporFi’s VOXII comes in a nicely styled sturdy box that includes:

  • 1 VOX II MOD

  • 1 High-Capacity 35A 2500mah Battery

  • 1 USB Charging Cable

  • Choice of 1 Volt Hybrid Tank, Rebel Tank or Bolt RDA

VOXII displayFeatures of the VaporFi VOXII MOD

  • Adjustable Output Power – From 7watts of power to a whopping 50watts (in 0.1 w increments) for low ohm (and even sub-ohm) vaping.

  • 5 preset options that you can adjust in order to customize your device to your vaping preferences

  • Accepts Atomizer Resistance from 0.2 ohm (sub) – 3.0 ohm

  • Digital OLED Screen

  • Output Voltage Range: 3.0 v – 8.5 v

  • Input Voltage: 3.2 v – 4.2 v

  • Maximum Output Current: 22 Amps

  • 510 Threading with Spring Loaded Pin

  • Replaceable Battery

  • Output Short-Circuit Protection

  • Reverse Battery Protection

  • Auto Ohm Resistance Meter (Finds ideal voltage for RBA/RDA)

  • Low Voltage Protection

  • Device Lock Feature

  • Low Resistance Protection

  • Input High Voltage Warning

  • Temperature Protection

  • USB Pass Through Charging System

  • Vented Battery Casing

  • Palm Sized: 94mmx43mmx24mm

VaporFi Tanks for the VOXII Vaporizer

Hybrid — Bolt — Rebel

Although you can buy the VOXII box MOD on it’s own, the Starter Kit includes your choice of outstanding Clearomizer tanks specifically designed for the VOXII’s high wattage settings.

The VOXII MOD is geared for use with re-buildable atomizers (RBA’s) so if you really want to take full advantage of the power this vaporizer can deliver and you enjoy rebuilding your coils, get either the Hybrid or the BOLT tank.

The Rebel tank is a good choice too as it has adjustable air holes and you can adjust the flow of your e-liquid.

Best Feature:

I think the best feature of the VOXII is the fact that can experiment with greater cloud production and flavor, but you only have to set the Wattage; the VOXII does the rest and warns you if you’re moving into “too hot to handle” territory.

Some Helpful Hints

1- Make sure your battery is fully connected or the wall charger light will not turn green, even when your battery is fully charged. VaporFi instructs users to activate the display on the VOXII and view the digital icon of the battery. I say, shake the MOD before charging. If it rattles, your battery is not making full contact, so tighten the metal cap at the bottom of the box. Easy peasy.

2- When adding new e-liquid to your tank, hold the entire MOD upside down. Unscrewing the base is tricky (it’s located flush with the box) and you’ll probably wind up unscrewing the tank from the atomizer. Holding the MOD upside down will prevent your e-juice from spilling.

3- Charge your VOXII using the USB cable. It does take longer than using a universal wall charger adapter, but you can vape while it charges. On the upside, the battery can hold a charge for several days depending on your vaping habits.


The VOXII displays ERROR CODES signaling too high an input voltage plus other high temperature signals that warn you of an immanent meltdown. All High voltage MODS are definitely not toys and you need to say focused during operation. Be mindful of all the warnings and disclaimers that come with this MOD! It’s a powerhouse and if you’re not responsible, you can cause injury to yourself and others.

Enjoy the Journey

Maybe you’ve already moved up from an ecig look-alike to a vaporizer and are enjoying greater cloud production and flavor enjoyment. I can tell you that if you’re a vaping enthusiast, your journey hasn’t ended. It probably won’t end with the VOXII, but expect this baby to take you to the next level of vaping. The VOX II is now on sale (while supplies last) for $134.99 without a tank.  

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    • Monday Owen on September 1, 2017 at 8:31 pm
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    I am also allergic to pg. Vaping ain’t worth all this bs. I used to LOVE it, however since my favorite local vape shop vapor eyes shut down and they were the only ones who offered pg free flavors. Having a migraine every day sucks. The allergic reaction of my throat swelling and debillitating migraines is NOT worth the risk of an untrustworthy buyer. I had hoped for an easy smoking alternative but what I got was a complete and utter waste of money. Guess that’s what I get for being naive and believing in a propaganda industry that has gone to hell with the rest of the world.

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