Best E-Cigarettes for Women Who Want to Start Vaping

Last updated on September 1st, 2018

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Vape Products Designed for Women

Looking for a slim, lightweight vapor pen designed for ladies? Although vape companies no longer have e-cigarettes specifically for girls or women, here’s a bit of ecig history and some great suggestions for modern e-cigarettes women will love.

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The First Women’s E-Cig

Remember Vapor Couture? Maybe not. It’s been a few years since VMR (the makers of V2 ecigs) discontinued that ecig company.

I still have an article that was originally written in 2013 entitled, “Vapor Couture – Slim E-Cigarettes Designed Exclusively for Women”. This cigalike was marketed as being more elegant than other cigalikes because is was kind of sexy – very long and thin. It was also marketed as the e-cigarette you could match with your wardrobe because it offered pastel colors. Go figure. 

So What Happened to Vapor Couture?

It’s my opinion that women who wanted to start vaping were not looking to make a fashion statement. They were looking for a satisfying, easy to use, lightweight ecig that would come close to the cigarette experience. 

Vapor Couture may have put an admirable spin on the traditionally cigalike, but it still performed like a cigalike. V2 was already working on something better; a vape pen that would have better flavor, better vapor and more options.

Ecig innovation was unstoppable, and intermediate, “second generation” vaping devices hit the market. V2 introduced their Ex Series – a long, slim e-cigarette that had a refillable tank instead of a prefilled cartridge. It’s still one their best sellers, and one of my recommendations for a portable, elegant vaping device women will enjoy. More on that in a bit.

Bigger and Better Vaporizers (For Some)

Popular vape companies started selling more advanced vaping products. Yes, the new vaporizers and Mods produce amazing vapor and deliver awesome flavor – far better than any cigalike, but all that comes at a price. It’s not always easy to learn how to use your device or maintain it. You have to replace your atomizer every few weeks, and you need to understand Ohm resistance.

Unless you’re ready for a new hobby, vaping can prove to be more work than you bargained for.

So Women Aren’t Up for the Vaporizer Adventure?

Don’t get me wrong. Hey, I’m a woman vaper and that’s certainly not the point of this review. I’m saying that my old outdated Vapor Couture article is still getting visits for a reason. Women are still looking for a better alternative to the old fashioned, easy to use but unsatisfying cigalike. They’re looking for vape device that isn’t intimidating or a pain in the butt to use.

Truth be known, so are most men who are serious about switching from cigarettes to ecigs.

The List

Three Best Vape Pens for Women

All of My Top ECig Picks For a Lady Have These Things in Common:

  • They Are Lightweight
  • Really Easy to Use
  • All Require Little Maintenance
  • Each One Delivers a Very Satisfying Vaping Experience Akin to Smoking, But Without the Tar or Dangerous Chemicals Associated with Cigarette Smoking
  • They are Economical and Cheaper Than Smoking Cigarettes


#1 – KandyPens RUBI 


KandyPens is an ecig company that only offers vaping devices made for e-liquids, oils and wax. They do not sell any liquids, but you can buy them from many fine companies. When the FDA including them in the same category as other e-cigarette products that contain nicotine, KandyPens released this statement.

KandyPens does not, and never has, made any pre-filled liquid nicotine pods. Rather, all KandyPens’ products are sold empty – without any liquid, e-juice, or concentrate – and are for aromatherapy purposes only.

The snap-in RUBI e-liquid pod can take a wide range of liquids from all kinds of e-juice, to CBD and THC oils and wax. The ceramic atomizer coil can handle them all.

The RUBI is one of their most basic, and most popular beginner ecigs because of its simplicity, portability and versatility. It’s also handmade.

Best Features of KandyPens’s RUBI:

  • The RUBI uses a tiny flavor pod instead of a larger e-liquid tank. It will still last a day or more before you have to refill it.
  • As mentioned above, you can use any type of e-liquid or oil. That means you can also choose your preferred level of nicotine.
  • The Pod is easy to refill. Just remove the rubber stopper on the side of the pod. 
  • The RUBI is lightweight – just .64oz. It’s small too – only 4 inches long.
  • The RUBI comes in 6 colors – Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Navy Blue, Gunmetal and Black.
  • It never leaks and it has good vapor production.
  • RUBI comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


Included in the Kit: 

(1) Micro-USB Charger

(1) Refillable 1ML Pod Cartridge

(1) KandyPens RUBI Vape Pen

On the Downside:

  • There’s no automatic battery life indicator. You have to take a puff to display the battery charge light.
  • You have to remove the pod to see how much e-juice is left in the pod.
  • RUBI doesn’t sell e-liquids.

At the Time of This Posting, the RUBI Costs $49.95

buy it now

#2 – JUUL  

JUUL Vape pen

In case you haven’t heard the news, the JUUL vape pod pen suddenly became the largest selling ecig in the U.S. It toppled best selling V2 and many other brands. Why? It’s because it’s much better than a cigalike without being heavier or more complicated.

Women with JUUL ecigs

Why do JUUL ads feature women? I’m guessing JUUL thinks their product will appeal to ladies! I for one appreciate the lightweight design and the prefilled pods.

Unlike larger ecig companies, JUUL sells only one vaping device.

Best Features of the JUUL Vape Pod Pen:

  • It weighs only .49oz. I also like the fact that it measures only 3.75 inches long so it fits easily into a small purse.
  • Like the RUBI, JUUL’s unique design features flavor pods, but you don’t even have to fill the pod with e-liquid. Just pop in a fresh one. 
  • The pod has a window, so you can see how much e-liquid is left.
  • The only maintenance required is to wipe the magnetic charge contacts with a bit of alcohol every few days.
  • It never leaks and the vapor is great.
  • It only takes about a half hour to re-charge the battery using the USB charger provided.


Included in the Kit:

(1) Rechargeable JUUL device (black)

(1) USB Charger

(1) Four JUUL pods (Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit (1) Medley, and Creme Brulee)

One Year Limited Device Warranty

On the Downside:

  • JUUL doesn’t come in colors, but depending on when you place your order, you may be able to get Limited Edition colors like Navy and Rose Gold. 
  • There also aren’t a lot of fancy flavors you can mix and match. That said, there are often Limited Edition flavors, (like Cool Cucumber).
  • JUUL pods are pre-filled with e-liquid that contains a pretty high nicotine level. 5%! Still, it’s not harsh because it uses natural nicotine salts. (see our ecig glossary for more details on that.) By the way, nicotine is NOT carcinogenic. 

At the Time of This Posting, the JUUL Costs $49.90

buy it now


Vaporfi E-Liquids



#3 – V2’s Ex Series 

V2 Ex series


V2 has been one of the top vape companies for years. They’re one of the few that sell mostly V2 designed products, in fact to date, the only model not designed by V2 was the German engineered XEO, VOID which, unfortunately was discontinued. 

Within their line of vaping devices, V2 excels with high styled ecigs that are extremely portable and easy to use. The Ex Series ecig line was not necessarily designed to replace Vapor Couture, but when VC shut down, their website directed customers to V2’s Ex Series page. 

In any case, the Ex Series is a great choice for any woman looking for a vape pen styled like a long slim cigarette. The many cartridge options cater to every girl’s personal preference.

The Best Features of V2’s Ex Series Starter Kits

Ex Series Kits come with your choice of :

  • Standard pre-filled cartridges
  • Refillable mini tanks (called EX Blanks)
  • You get about 400 puffs in each cartridge/tank.
  • You can view how much e-liquid is left in all cartridge/tank.
  • The number of cartridges you get, depends on which style Ex Kit you buy.

The EX Standard Kit includes 10 pre-filled V2 EX Flavor Cartridges.

The Ex Standard E-Liquid Kit includes 1 Pack of EX Blanks (3 Blanks per Pack) PLUS a 50ml Bottle, or a 6-Flavor E-Liquid Sampler.

Those Long Lovely Batteries

No matter what V2 kit you choose, you can select from five designer battery colors, each with a matching cartridge sleeve. The sleeve covers just the cartridge or tank and makes for a sleeker look.

EX Batteries are available in Automatic & Manual.

Inside the Box of Either Kit:

(2) EX Batteries (3.94 inches long), in the color of your choice – Opal, Matte Black, Brushed Steel or Rose Gold

V2 Charger Kit.

(1) Wall Adapter

(1) Express Charger

(1) User Manual

On the Downside:

  • V2’s shipping can be slow!.. slower than the other companies mentioned.
  • You can refill mini Ex blank tanks, but only a few times. V2 recommends you replace them when they are empty .

At the Time of This Posting, the V2 Standard Kit -Ex Series Costs $44.96 and the Standard E-Liquid Kit- Ex Series is $54.71buy it now

More Choices for the Best E-Cigarettes for Women Who Want to Start Vaping

I’ve suggested my top picks for this review, but there are also other small, lightweight vape products that will appeal to the ladies. Feel free to check them out!

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    • Sunny on September 1, 2018 at 9:06 am
    • Reply

    About V2 – “You can’t refill the cartridges or mini tanks. When they are empty you replace them.” Lol, of course u can!!! I have always been able to refill V2’s Pre-filled carts, blank carts, and all their tanks!…

    1. Hi Sunny,

      Yes you can most certainly refill the vaporizer tanks, but V2 doesn’t recommend refilling the cigalike cartridges for sanitary and safety reasons. I do refill the
      exblank cartridges one or two times if I’m using the same flavored e-liquids. That said, since the atomizer is so small and can’t be replaced, I do notice that vapor and flavor isn’t quite a good.

      Thanks for commenting! I’ll update the post will more information 🙂

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