E-Cigarette Batteries with Safety Features

Last updated on September 12th, 2017

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Ecig battery safety -exploding battery

Are Your Ecig Batteries Safe?

If you’re considering vaping, you’re probably wondering which e-cigarette vape batteries, or e-cigarette brands are the safest. You’re most likely looking for products that have built-in safety features. That’s smart – after all, there have been some sensational stories about exploding ecig batteries.

Why Do Some E-Cigarette Batteries Explode?

If you’re wondering why some electronic cigarette batteries have exploded, it’s because they, along with thousands of other electronic devices (including cell phones and laptop computers) are made with lithium ion batteries which can be dangerous under certain conditions.

According to Battery University, lithium ion battery explosions are very rare – 1 in 10 million when they are charged correctly.

Lithium batteries, if defective or misused can experience “thermal runaway” which is defined as,

“A situation where an increase in temperature changes the conditions in a way that causes a further increase in temperature, often leading to a destructive result. It is a kind of uncontrolled positive feedback.”

cellphone exploding batterybattery explosion in laptop

Explosion and fire risk incidents do occur, but as mentioned above, they are not limited to electronic cigarettes. Since 2002, there have been more than 40 recalls due to risks from lithium ion batteries in laptops, phones and other electronic devices.

According to NicotineSurveys.org, the chance of an e-cigarette exploding while you’re using it is roughly 0.0000001%. 

That’s not to say it can’t and won’t happen. 

Your E-Cigarette Battery Can Explode For One of the Following Reasons:

  • The battery was made cheaply. Many batteries (and e-cigarettes) do not undergo proper inspection. Some are sold as inexpensive “clones” or “knock-offs” of the original brand. Don’t take chances! Always buy from a reputable company.


  • The battery was charged incorrectly using a charger, adapter or voltage not recommended by the ecig manufacturer.


  • The battery was left in an extreme temperature such as near a cooking appliance, radiator, iron or the dashboard of your car in summer.


  • The battery got wet. Even if the device dries and operates normally, the battery contacts or circuitry could slowly corrode and pose a safety hazard.


  • It was home made, or was modified. Some vapers choose to experiment with vaporizers, modifying the batteries and/or metal tube that contains the battery in an effort to increase vapor production.  


Do Any E-Cigarettes Have Built In Safety Features?

There are many highly reputable e-cigarette companies that have their own laboratories or use third parties for testing and double testing their ecig batteries. Here’s a short list:

V2 logoDan Recio, co-founder of #1 e-cigarette manufacturer V2 said in a statement,

“We took action against the possibility of electronic issues from the very beginning, with safeguards integrated into our batteries like automatic shutoff and smart chargers that prevent overcharging. We properly age all batteries before shipment and retest mAh to ensure the highest standards.”

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Taste. Trust. Technology.

Vaporfi apple bourbon e-liquid best e-cigarette guideVaporFi is known for their wide selection of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers including several high wattage/high-performance vaporizers geared to more advanced vapers. VaporFi is focused on both safety and performance for their hardware and e-liquids. Vaporizers include the following battery safety features:

  • Input High Voltage Warning
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Overheating Prevention
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Input High Voltage Warning

Halo Cigs Giveaway on Best ECogarette Guide

Best selling Halo Cigs designs and manufactures quality American made products. According to a company statement:

“We follow strict guidelines, policies, and procedures in all of our manufacturing processes. At Halo, we make the safety and satisfaction of our customers our top priority.”

Here’s to Your Health

I wouldn’t let sensational news stories about exploding e-cigarettes deter you from switching from smoking to vaping. According to the FDA, many scientists and Public Health England, vaping is about 95% safer than smoking….that is, if you’re responsible and follow the manufacturer’s directions.  I also wouldn’t buy cheap imitation brands. The industry is (to date) still self-regulated, so it’s smart to be an educated consumer. 


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  1. Yes that’s probably the best advice just buy devices from big brands like V2, vaporfi & smok that have a good reputation. And from retailers that don’t sell cheap imitation. Elementvape or vapordna is a good source for that. Then you shouldn’t worry about your batteries exploding.

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