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Last updated on December 9th, 2019

Green Smoke e-Vapor

Update: Green Smoke Has Been Discontinued!

If you are looking for blank e-liquid cartridges to fit your Green Smoke battery, you’ll find them at MIG VAPOR.

Want to know why Green Smoke was discontinued? Check out this article!

Is Green Smoke a Quality E-Cigarette?

One of the top concerns for anyone thinking about trying electronic cigarettes is e-cigarette safety. Everyone wants to know whether e-cigarettes are safe to use. Are there dangerous chemicals in e-cigarettes? Is this battery going to explode in my face? Here’s my original review of Green Smoke.

While the e-cigarette industry remains unregulated, it’s reassuring when you find a company with products designed to meet the future requirements and scrutiny of federal agencies. Of course, it has been Green Smoke’s policy to avoid future scrutiny by the FDA by not offering any new products other than the original (and now outdated) “cigalike” they developed years ago.

Green Smoke has been around a long time – since 2008; however the company is now part of tobacco giant, Altria. They do say that their products are reliable and of good quality, but it is this reviewer’s opinion, they are not as good as the MIG VAPOR ecig which we have also reviewed.

What’s The Juice on E-Liquids?

Green Smoke may test for consistency with the purity of their eliquids, but they don’t list their ingredients on their website and no longer have a “quality control” page.

They also seem not to care about the consistency of the taste. The flavors, (like their basic model) have not changed over the years, nor have they improved the product. 

Green Smoke cartridges come in four flavor blends: 

  • Classic: A simple and straightforward tobacco blend.
  • Signature Red: A traditional tobacco blend with a bold,  woody flavor.
  • Menthol Ice: A menthol blend with a crisp minty taste.
  • Smooth Cream: A subtle cream blend.

If You Live in California or Rhode Island

Some states, including the State of California’s attorney general’s office have expressed concern that minors under the legal smoking age may be inclined to purchase electronic cigarettes.

They further believe that certain e-cigarette cartridge flavors specifically appeal to minors, which is why Green Smoke is proactive about denying the sale of any special cartridge flavors in these states.

When I asked a company representative why this was so, a company representative was “unable to answer” my question.

In addition, the company does not want to compete with it’s Big Tobacco sister companies, so I’ve been told they will be changing the names of the tobacco flavors, eliminating the word “tobacco”.

If you’re looking to buy a cigalike model ecig (that I think is much better than Green Smoke), and you want a better choice of flavors, I suggest you check out Halo Cigs or Vaporfi.

E-Cigarette Battery Safety

Green Smoke uses lithium ion batteries which are used by all other e-cigarette manufacturers. That said, you must still follow directions when charging your battery; you must use the charger provided in the kit, and you must never leave your ecigarette in a hot car during summer months. Using a charger too “hot” for your ecig can destroy the battery or in rare cases, cause it to explode. Exploding Batteries.

Another safety pet peeve I have is that Green Smoke doesn’t have its logo on the wall charger, making it more difficult to find the correct charger if you have more than one type of ecigarette.

The Bottom Line 

If you want to purchase an easy to use, reliable cigalike product, Green Smoke is a reasonable, but limited choice. If you’re looking for a more satisfying (and just as easy to use) ecig known to help smokers quit, check out the Halo G6.

Best-E-Cigarette-Guide’s Rating 

Green Smoke Express Ecigarette Kit for beginner vapers


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    • elaine dwyer on December 8, 2015 at 2:22 pm
    • Reply

    Does the greensmoke have diacetyl in their flavors?

    1. As far a I know, they do not, but Green Smoke has very limited flavors.

    • Leah on November 23, 2015 at 7:51 am
    • Reply

    Is the greensmoke healthier for you than smoking a regular light cigarette? I am trying to be healthier and will only change if it is proved the be better for you.

    1. Hi Leah,
      ECigarettes have been shown to be about 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes according to Public Health England and many renowned scientists. If you want to try vaping, check out our home page for products we recommend.

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