What is ECig Temperature Control – TC – Why Is it Better Than Variable Wattage?

Last updated on November 12th, 2018

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The Advanced eCig Innovation – Temperature Control (TC)

DIRECTVAPOR Will Take You to the Next Level of Vaping.  

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Just when I was getting used to my latest and greatest high powered advanced MOD with 50Watts and sub-ohm capabilities, I discover TC MODS, or those equipped with temperature control features.

FYI, TC has nothing to do with your variable high powered MOD’s automatic shut-off feature; the one that kicks in should you violate ohm’s law by setting your wattage too high for your low ohm atomizer. TC is far better.

Enter Temperature Control Vaping

I first tested TC vaping when cool discount ecig vendor DirectVapor sent me an iStick 40W TC by eLeaf  to review. After getting the preliminary email asking whether I had previously tested a high powered, advanced TC MOD, I unabashedly admitted I had not. I wasn’t even aware that these MODs, geared to more efficient low and sub ohm vaping existed. I guess it proves even a veteran ecig reviewer can lag behind in the world of high-speed electronic cigarette innovation.

TC MODS have advanced since my first test and they are swiftly becoming the preferred model for advanced vapors. They were first sold at high prices and were not heavily promoted.  That’s all changed.

Having overcome by my initial fear of venturing deep into sub-ohm cloudchaser territory, I was eager to try one of the newer TC models. I was not disappointed. I chose to test one of the most popular TC vape Mods – The Smok Alien 220W TC vaporizer.

SMOK Alien advanced MOD

SMOK Alien Advanced TC MOD


The Best Features of TC – Temperature Control MOD Vaporizers

1- Protection Against Overheating

  • A TC MOD senses a change in coil resistance as it is heated.  If the coil gets too hot, or if your ejuice level gets too low, the device will adjust the temperature automatically, thus preventing your wicks from drying out and burning. That means no burnt hits and no higher level of carbonyls in your vapor.
  • Temperature Control may also prevent quick Battery Burnout. I definitely noticed an improvement in battery life, but your own experience will depend on your vaping routine.


2- Most TC MODS (including the Smok Alien 220W TC) have Variable Wattage Settings as well as TC Setting

  • You can toggle between setting watts or setting temperature leaving plenty of room to experiment in finding your vaping sweet spot. Just make sure you are using the correct atomizer for the respective setting. (see below).


3- You Can Also Forget Using Standard Coils Made from Kanthal or Ni-Chrome!

  • One of the key features (and must haves) with TC vaping is that they require either Ni-200 Nickel Coil, or TI Pure Titanium or Stainless Steel SS316 & 316L wire atomizers. These advanced coils typically have many more wraps.
  • The Alien 220W TC  comes with a 0.4ohm V8 Baby-Q2 Coil and a 0.1.5ohm V8 Baby-T8 coil, but you can order attys with other ohm levels as well.


What About the Tank?

  • If you don’t buy a complete TC kit, you’ll need a new tank that’s compatible with a TC atomizer. They’re easy to come by at DirectVapor.
  • If you buy an Alien 220Watt TC Kit it includes the TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm tank. 


Regarding the Safe Use of TC Devices

  • Vapers should have a basic understanding of battery safety basics. 
  • Always read the user manual that comes with your TC MOD and follow the directions carefully! If you have questions, call the company’s customer support line for answers.
  • All temperature control (and high powered vaporizers) come with LED WARNINGS. Pay heed.
  • Advanced vapor products must be used “at your own risk”.
  • Despite innovations that make your advanced device easier to use and your vape more satisfying, you must take proper precautions and handling.
  • If you’re using a TC tank, you also need to know if you’re allergic to nickel wire.*
  • When using a Sub-Ohm coil (under 1 ohm) I suggest begin by setting your Wattage at about 25Watts. Okay, you can go higher, but few find their “sweet spot” higher than 40Watts.


*NOTE!! Nickel can cause a rash in sensitive individuals. It’s commonly found in many items we have contact with daily, including costume jewelry, earring posts, watchbands, eyeglass frames, hairpins, snaps, buttons, and zippers.

TC Vaping in a Nutshell

You get very “cool”, sub-ohm vaping. Forget getting a burnt taste when your e-liquid runs down; forget having to keep changing your overheated coils or inhaling burnt wick vapor.. and expect a better battery life.

Cost of a TC MOD

For vapers ready to experience TC vaping, the complete Smok Alien 220W Starter Kit is $56.95 through Direct Vapor. Of course, prices can change in an instant and there are always those holiday sales. 

If you use my coupon, you’ll save and additional 10% with Free Shipping.

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If you’re a TC fan, or you’re not..please share your experiences by commenting on this post.

Happy Vaping!

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