Thinking of Vaping THC, CBD and Other Oils? Here’s the Information You Need to Get Started

Last updated on September 12th, 2019

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THC CBD oils information

Can You Vape THC, CBD and Other Oils?

Many ecig companies are selling vaporizers and vape pens for THC oils, wax and CBD e-juices. But but before you order, you should know how they differ and then choose the device best suited for each concentrate.

What’s the Difference Between Cannabis, THC, CBD and Essential Oils?


All About Cannabis

Marijuana Flower

You’re probably familiar with the name “marijuana”, but you may not know that its botanical name is Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis is the genus name for all forms of marijuana and hemp.

Cannabis is a herbaceous flowering plant that is widely used for hemp fibre and oils, but it is also a “medicinal plant” that has been enjoyed over 10 thousand years across many cultures for it’s beneficial attributes.  Some cultures have considered it sacred.

Unless you’ve been severely sheltered from the real world, you’ve probably know that the cannabis plant, marijuana has been widely used for recreation use in much the same way as alcohol. For decades marijuana was illegal throughout the U.S. Why?

Here’s an interesting factoid – Courtesy of PBS

Fear of marijuana

After the Mexican Revolution of 1910, Mexican immigrants flooded into the U.S., introducing to American culture the recreational use of marijuana. The drug became associated with the immigrants, and the fear and prejudice about the Spanish-speaking newcomers became associated with marijuana. Anti-drug campaigners warned against the encroaching “Marijuana Menace,” and terrible crimes were attributed to marijuana and the Mexicans who used it…By 1931, 29 states had outlawed marijuana.

After several subsequent laws criminalizing the unauthorized use of marijuana, the U.S. finally passed less stringent regulations and the use of marijuana is legal in certain states. More on that later!

What Is THC?


THC chemical symbol

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids interact with different receptors in the body to produce a wide range of effects. THC is the chemical that gets you high, and usually (but not always) produces a feeling of euphoria.

THC oil is only legal in states that permit either medical marijuana, recreational marijuana or both. It can be vaped in vape pens and vaporizers specially designed for that purpose. The Rubi is an example of a vape pen made for that purpose.

There are vape cartridges that come pre-filled with THC oil but those that are truly SAFE are only available from reputable sellers in states where marijuana is legal!

What is CBD?


CBD stands for Cannabidiol. Like THC it is also a cannabinoid, but it is harvested from the hemp plant (not the marijuana plant). It will not get you high because it does not contain enough THC. There is less than 0.03% THC in CBD oil. Some CBD oils and vape juices have zero percent THC.

CBD is legal in all U.S. states. The FDA permits the sale of hemp CBD in many on-line and over-the-counter products.

Like herbs and supplements, CBD is used for ailments including pain management, anxiety, insomnia and seizures. The effectiveness of CBD has been confirmed by millions of users and medical practitioners.

Vaping CBD

CBD oil Tinctures and Concentrates should be taken orally, as vaping it alone tastes terrible. That said, CBD oil and e-liquid can be vaped in vape pens and vaporizers under certain conditions.

If you purchase the oil, its thick viscosity demands that you vape it in a vaporizer designed to take thicker substances.

You can add a CBD Tincture or Concentrate to vape juice, but the key is keep it at the right consistency. If your e-liquid is a 50/50 PG/VG blend, add 1-6 drops of CBD oil. You’ll find that its most efficient to use an atomizer coil that is not sub-om. If your e-liquid has a high VG content, then it will work with a sub-ohm coil but your e-juice will be depleted at a faster rate.

The good news is that CBD is also sold as an e-liquid that works well with most vape tanks or refillable vape pods. The thick oil is usually diluted with propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), hemp oil or coconut oil. Some CBD vape juice has neither PG nor VG.

What About Other Essential Oils?

essential oils

Many essential oils are taken from the flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, stems, roots, leaves or other parts of an aromatic plant. Some common essential oils that are known to have therapeutic properties are Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Lavender to mention only a few.

These oils are legal to vape but they must be formulated for vaping. 

Vaping Oils is Different from Vaping E-Liquids

Here is some advice from DirectVapor on vaping oils.

Vaping with essential oils is slightly different from other vaping methods. With dry herbs or even regular e-liquids you are often trying to take a large draw and fill your lungs. In this case, you should be taking a shallow draw. Since many of the positive effects of essential oils have to do with their scent and the way they awaken your senses, you should take your time and vape slowly. Always make sure you properly clean your device and accessories prior to switching to a new oil.  

Whether you choose CBD oil or e-liquid, remember, it usually doesn’t take a lot to feel the relaxing, pain relieving effects, so always start with a small amount.

Here are some guidelines from Hot Juice – makers of CBD e-liquids

Depending upon your requirements and expected effects, selecting the correct milligram dosage of CBD vape juice will affect each user differently. If you’re unsure of how CBD will impact your vaping, it’s best to start at a lower dosage and work your way up slowly until you experience the desired effects. CBD absorption will vary dependent upon a broad spectrum of factors, however, it is suggested that users implement the slow build principle of personal investigation to best decide what milligram of CBD is optimal for their needs. 

Check out our Hot Juice review

Where is Cannabis, THC and CBD Legal?

Medical Marijuana Map 2019


“Medical” marijuana is now legal in thirty four states plus the District of Columbia. You need a prescription to buy leaves and THC oil. 

Ten U.S. states plus the District of Columbia allow both medical and recreational use of marijuana. You do not need a prescription in these states as long as you use them within the state. 

In 2018 Canada legalized marijuana.

Buying CBD Oil

Woman with laptop on sofa

CBD oil is available in all states. That said, you should know that in states where marijuana is illegal, you can buy the CBD oil made from hemp. The best brands are made from the entire plant and contain less than 3% THC.  Still, there are no set federal regulations and unscrupulous sellers are out there.

Why Formulas Can Vary

Just like e-liquids, you have to choose a company that sells Lab-tested CBD oils that have the correct potency, purity, and do not contain any fillers.


One company we recommend for high quality CBD Oils, vape juice and wax is CBDGenesis. Their products are made from Organic Hemp. Lab reports are listed right on the page of each product. 


Popular Hemplucid comes in different strengths of CBD and can be used in vape tanks or pods that take oil concentrates. 


CBD Drips

CBD Drip can be added to any of your favorite e-juices. Drops can also be put under your tongue as a sublingual solution. Like Hemplucid, this product is made from organic hemp.


CBD Dabs

Add a tiny bit of wax to a dab pen and inhale. Made from organic hemp, this natural product can also be taken orally.



Buying CBD Vape Juice

CBD e liquid is becoming very popular and there are many brands available. The best brands contain zero nicotine and have zero or only trace elements of THC. They should have the perfect balance of flavors, VG and PG to ensure the potency of the CBD content as well as the taste.

Hot Juice

Some of the purest and tastiest CBD e-liquids are from Hot Juice. They source all ingredients from the most trusted, reputable sources in America. Available in up to 5000mg of CBD, Hot Juice’s CBD e-liquids do not contain any THC.

It’s best to start at a lower dosage and work your way up slowly until you experience the desired effects.


CBD Pod Vapes


JUUL CBD Kit contains a JUUL POD Vape device and four Juul-compatible CBD pods with 40mg CBD each. This product contains less than 0.3% THC and does not contain nicotine.


CBD Vape Pens

This convenient CBD vape pen comes in four flavors and contains 30mg CBD per pen. This product contains organically grown hemp CBD and does not contain nicotine.


CBD Vape Pen Kit with Pre-filled Cartridges


Vape Bright is a favorite DBD delivery system. It’s also a convenient choice for vaping CBD. Each cartridge may be ordered in either 200 or 250mg of CBD, and you will get an average of 200 hits per cartridge. We love this choice because it tells you how many draws to take per session right on the box. The kit comes with a pre-filled cartridge, 1 Battery, Charger & Case.


CBD Vape Pens with Higher Levels of CBD

Nu-X Disposable CBD Vape Pens come in 5 flavors and contain 150mg of high quality CBD and 0%THC. Great for anxiety and sleeplessness, these disposables are perfect for travel. They are about the size of a cig-alike, (0.5mL in length).

Can You Get CBD With Higher Levels of THC?

In states where marijuana is legal, you can buy CBD oil made from the potent marijuana flower, but you will need a prescription and it cannot be shipped to you if you live in another state.


As mentioned earlier, botanical oils such as lavender, chamomile and peppermint are legal, but few are formulated for vaping. They are best used with an inhaler or rubbed onto your skin.

Note:  You can vape botanicals in dry herb form if you use a vaporizer designed to take dry herbs. Davinci sells legal dry herbs and amazing vaporizers for herbs and oils.

Read: Review of Davinci Herbal Vaporizers

If you’re serious about vaping fruit and floral essences, We recommend diacetyl free Kai’s Virgin Vapor e-liquids. You can purchase “Afterglow” (which contains lavender, pomegranate and bergamot), “Bed of Roses”, and “Blue Violet”. Virgin Vapor’s website also includes a Certifications and Regulatory Compliance Page.

Kai's Virgin Vapor Organic eLiquids

Check Out All of Kai’s Virgin Vapor Flavors

Here Are Some Options for Buying USDA Certified Organic Essential Oil Sets for Inhalers and Topical Applications

Where to Get the Best Vape Pens and Vaporizers Where You Can Add Your Own Essential Oils

Now that you know all about vapable THC, CBD and Other Oils you’re probably either disappointed or ready to buy the perfect device for vaping those oils. 

Many are listed in our Guide – Best Vaporizers for Cannabis and Other Essential Oils. You’re sure to find the perfect pen, vaporizer or pre-filled cartridge for your needs.



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